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SOEPpapers 938 / 2017

The Space of Capital: A Latent Class Analysis of Capital Portfolios in Germany

The aim of this paper is to construct the “space of capital” based on disaggregated measures of capital portfolios and to analyze the dynamics of class mobility over time. Drawing on Pierre Bourdieu’s concept of the “social space”, we argue that it is possible to directly assess the structural dimensions of the social space as a space of (economic and cultural) capital, including wealth as an important ...

2017| Nora Waitkus, Olaf Groh-Samberg
SOEPpapers 937 / 2017

Employment and Human Capital Investment Intentions among Recent Refugees in Germany

Motivations to participate in the labour market as well as to invest in labour market skills are crucial forthe successful integration of refugees. In this paper we use a unique dataset – the IAB-BAMF-SOEPRefugee Survey, which is a representative longitudinal study of all refugees reported on administrativerecords in Germany – and analyse which determinants and characteristics are correlated with highmotivation ...

2017| Peter Haan, Martin Kroh, Kent Troutman
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Productivity in German Manufacturing Firms: Does Fixed-Term Employment Matter?

This study empirically analyses how the use of fixed-term employment affects labour productivity of establishments. To this end, a large data set of German manufacturing establishments and various panel data models are used in order to test the expected non-linear relationship between labour productivity and the use of fixed-term employees. The analysis takes into account the possible distortions that ...

In: International Labour Review 155 (2016), 4, S. 535-562 | Sebastian Nielen, Alexander Schiersch
SOEPpapers 887 / 2016

Locus of Control and Mothers' Return to Employment

This paper investigates the effect of locus of control (LOC) on the length of mothers’ employment break after childbirth. Using data from the German Socio-Economic Panel Study (SOEP), duration data reveals that women with an internal LOC return to employment more quickly than women with an external LOC.We find that this effect is particularly pronounced in jobs in which the penalties in terms of lower ...

2016| Eva M. Berger, Luke Haywood
SOEPpapers 890 / 2016

Locus of Control and Investment in Training

This paper extends standard models of work-related training by explicitly incorporating workers' locus of control into the investment decision. Our model both differentiates between general and specific training and accounts for the role of workers and firms in training decisions. Workers with an internal locus of control are predicted to engage in more general training than are their external co-workers ...

2016| Marco Caliendo, Deborah A. Cobb-Clark, Helke Seitz, Arne Uhlendorff
SOEPpapers 878 / 2016

Subjective Completion Beliefs and the Demand for Post-Secondary Education

The outcome of pursuing an upper or post-secondary education degree is uncertain. A student might not complete a chosen degree for a number of reasons, such as insufficient academic preparation or financial constraints. Thus, when considering whether to invest in post-secondary education, students must factor their probability of completing the degree into their decision. We study the role of this ...

2016| Johannes S. Kunz, Kevin E. Staub
SOEPpapers 881 / 2016

Between Life Cycle Model, Labor Market Integration and Discrimination: An Econometric Analysis of the Determinants of Return Migration

This paper studies the determinants of return migration by applying the Cox hazard model to longitudinal micro data from 1996 to 2012, including immigrants of a wide range of nationalities. The empirical results reveal the validity of the life cycle model of Migration Economics and a strong return probability decreasing effect of labor market integration and societal integration. Modeling non-proportional ...

2016| Eric Schuss
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Parental Health and Child Behavior: Evidence from Parental Health Shocks

This study examines the importance of parental health in the development of child behavior during early childhood. Our analysis is based on child psychometric measures from a longitudinal German dataset, which tracks mothers and their newborns up to age six. We identify major changes in parental health (shocks) and control for a variety of initial characteristics of the child including prenatal conditions. ...

In: Review of Economics of the Household 14 (2016), 3, S. 577-598 | Andrea M. Mühlenweg, Franz G. Westermaier, Brant Morefield
DIW Economic Bulletin 34/35 / 2016

Many Refugees Have Work Experience but a Smaller Share Possess Formal Vocational Qualifications

Academic and vocational qualifications play a crucial role when it comes to successfully integrating refugees and other migrants into society. What qualifications did migrants already acquire in their country of origin and which did they obtain in Germany? And to what extent are qualifications gained abroad recognized in Germany? The IAB-SOEP Migration Sample shows that the majority of the migrant ...

2016| Elisabeth Liebau, Zerrin Salikutluk
246 results, from 61