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Life Expectancy and Parental Education

This study analyses the relationship between life expectancy and parental education. Based on data from the German Socio-Economic Panel Study and survival analysis models, we show that maternal education is related to children's life expectancy – even after controlling for children's own level of education. This applies equally to daughters and sons as well as to children's further life expectancies ...

In: Social Science & Medicine 232 (2019), S. 351-365 | Mathias Huebener
DIW Weekly Report 43 / 2019

Productivity: Urban-Rural Differences Affect Productivity More Than East-West Differences

Following reunification, productivity in eastern Germany grew rapidly. A strong industrial sector is key to a thriving German economy. However, the narrowing of the industrial productivity gap between eastern and western Germany has come to a standstill since the financial and economic crisis and the gap remains considerable today. Nevertheless, when comparing similar regions in eastern and western ...

2019| Heike Belitz, Martin Gornig, Alexander Schiersch
DIW Weekly Report 33 / 2019

Productivity Growth in Decline despite Increasing Workforce Qualifications

After developing at an increasingly slower pace over the decades, labor productivity in Germany has recently stagnated. This is in contrast to the development of the workforce’s qualifications, which have been growing steadily due to rapid academicization. These phenomena can be found in other developed countries and are often attributed to sectoral change. Indeed, the shift of economic activity towards ...

2019| Karl Brenke
DIW Applied Micro Seminar

Adjusting to Robots: Worker-Level Evidence

23.11.2018| Speaker
Research Project

International Comparison of the Sectoral Knowledge Capital

Completed Project| Firms and Markets

Measuring Productivity Dispersion: Lessons from Counting One-Hundred Million Ballots

11.07.2018| Ethan Ilzetzki, London School of Economics
Research Project

Increasing Differences in Productivity

Completed Project| Firms and Markets
Research Project

Inclusive Productivity

Completed Project| Firms and Markets
Press Release

Company productivity increases with more knowledge-based capital

First study using official company records — more knowledge-based capital increases productivity — some sectors are already investing more in knowledge-based capital than in machines and buildings — economic policy must take a holistic approach towards investments Every year in Germany, around 200 billion euros are invested in knowledge-based capital, such as research and development ...

Research Project


Current Project| Entrepreneurship
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