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Sonstige Publikationen des DIW / Aufsätze 2002

Long-Term Electricity Demand in China - from Quantitative to Qualitative Growth?

2002| Christian von Hirschhausen, Michael Andres
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A Simple State Space Model of House Prices

In: Applied Quantitative Finance
Berlin [u.a.] : Springer
S. 1-19
| Rainer Schulz, Axel Werwatz
Diskussionspapiere 246 / 2001

Power Utility Re-regulation in East European and CIS Transformation Countries (1990-1999): An Institutional Interpretation

This paper analyzes the process of power utility re-regulation in Eastern Europe and the CIS during the decade of systemic transformation (1990-1999); in particular, it explores reasons why early attempts to introduce competition-oriented reform models have not succeeded. We discuss advantages and disadvantages of various reform models from an institutional economic perspective. The approaches to and ...

2001| Christian von Hirschhausen, Petra Opitz
Economic Bulletin 1 / 2001

The Power Sector in Central and Eastern Europe: More Competition Needed in the Run-up to EU Membership

2001| Christian von Hirschhausen, Uta Kreibig, Petra Opitz

Reductions in Real versus Tariff Barriers: The Impact on Industry Concentration

Odense: Centre for European Studies, 2001, 27 S.
(Working Paper / Centre for European Studies ; 3/2001)
| Jan Guldager Jörgensen, Philipp J. H. Schröder

Power Utility Re-Regulation in East European and CIS Transformation Countries (1990 - 1999): An Institutional Interpretation

Berlin: Technische Universität, Wirtschaftswiss. Dokumentation, 2001, 25 S.
(Diskussionspapier / Wirtschaftswissenschaftliche Dokumentation, Technische Universität Berlin ; 2001/7)
| Christian von Hirschhausen, Petra Opitz
Externe referierte Aufsätze

Long-term Electricity Demand in China: From Quantitative to Qualitative Growth?

This paper develops scenarios of electricity demand in China until 2010, at a national, a sectoral and a regional level. It takes into account the recent macroeconomic downturn in the Chinese economy and the potential effects of deregulation and price increases in the power sector. The medium-growth scenario hints at a gross electricity demand of 1500 TWh in 2010; should the structural change from ...

In: Energy Policy 28 (2000), 4, S. 231-241 | Christian von Hirschhausen, Michael Andres
Economic Bulletin 7 / 2000

Power Exchanges in the Liberalised Electricity Market

2000| Barbara Praetorius
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Price Policies and Subsidies in the Energy Sector of Ukraine

In: Axel Siedenberg, Lutz Hoffmann (Eds.) , Ukraine at the Crossroads
Heidelberg [u.a.] : Physica-Verl.
S. 377-390
| Volkhart Vincentz, Christian von Hirschhausen

The Economics and Politics of Transition to an Open Market Economy: Egypt

Paris: OECD, 1998, 229 S.
(Development Centre Studies)
| Dieter Weiss, Ulrich Wurzel
355 results, from 341