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Online Prediction of Berlin Single-Family House Prices

In: Computational Statistics 18 (2003), 3, S. 449-462 | Rainer Schulz ..., Axel Werwatz ...
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Online Forecasting of House Prices

In: Contributed Papers. 54th Session 2003
Berlin : International Statistical Institute
S. 453-454
Bulletin of the International Statistical Institute ; 60
| Hizir Sofyan ..., Axel Werwatz
Sonstige Publikationen des DIW / Aufsätze 2002

Long-Term Electricity Demand in China - from Quantitative to Qualitative Growth?

2002| Christian von Hirschhausen, Michael Andres
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A Simple State Space Model of House Prices

In: Applied Quantitative Finance
Berlin [u.a.] : Springer
S. 1-19
| Rainer Schulz, Axel Werwatz
Diskussionspapiere 286 / 2002

German Exports to the Euro Area

The growth of the German economy intrinsically depends on the development of German exports to the euro area, which is by far the biggest market for German products. The paper estimates a structural equation for the export demand from the EMU member countries, which is suitable for both simulations and short-term forecasts. However, the equation systematically underestimates the export demand for data ...

2002| Sabine Stephan
Diskussionspapiere 283 / 2002

Gaining Access to Housing in Germany: The Foreign Minority Experience

Housing is a critical component of household well being and the extent to which minority households have achieved parity with Germans is a measure of the extent to which this population is integrated into the larger German society. Specifically we examine whether the housing conditions for immigrants2 has improved between 1985 and 1998 despite the greater barriers to upward mobility for low skill workers ...

2002| Anita I. Drever, William A. V. Clark
Economic Bulletin 3 / 2002

Does the European Energy Market Really Require Ever Larger Companies? Editorial

2002| Hans-Joachim Ziesing

Reductions in Real versus Tariff Barriers: The Impact on Industry Concentration

Odense: Centre for European Studies, 2001, 27 S.
(Working Paper / Centre for European Studies ; 3/2001)
| Jan Guldager Jörgensen, Philipp J. H. Schröder
Economic Bulletin 1 / 2001

The Power Sector in Central and Eastern Europe: More Competition Needed in the Run-up to EU Membership

2001| Christian von Hirschhausen, Uta Kreibig, Petra Opitz
341 results, from 321