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Gutachten / 1998

Sector Study: Telecommunication

1998| Jürgen Müller
Gutachten / 1998

Sector Study: Computers

1998| Jürgen Bitzer
Gutachten / 1998

Sector Study: Cars

1998| Xavier Richet, Frédéric Bourassa
Gutachten / 1998

Conceptual Framework, Summary and Industry Studies

1998| Jürgen Bitzer, Christian von Hirschhausen (Eds.)
Gutachten / 1998

Sector Study: Shipbuilding

1998| Jürgen Bitzer, Christian von Hirschhausen
Economic Bulletin 3 / 1998

Electricity Price Disadvantages for German Industry Decreasing

1998| Jochen Diekmann, Manfred Horn, Hans-Joachim Ziesing
Weitere Aufsätze

Industrial Restructuring in Ukraine Seven Years after Independence: From Socialism to a Planning Economy?

In: Communist Economies & Economic Transformation 10 (1998), 4, S. 451-465 | Christian von Hirschhausen
Diskussionspapiere 149 / 1997

The Computer Software Industry in East and West: Do Eastern European Countries Need a Specific Science and Technology Policy?

National science and technology (S&T) systems are often mentioned as a condition for competitiveness of high technology sectors. Therefore, public S&T policies should actively support the development of national S&T systems. In particular in Eastern Europe an active S&T policy is often demanded to support the development of the supposed domestic "high technology potential". This paper shows that this ...

1997| Jürgen Bitzer
Diskussionspapiere 151 / 1997

The Shipbuilding Industry in East and West: Industry Dynamics, Science and Technology Policies and Emerging Patterns of Cooperation

Shipbuilding has changed from a "heavy industry" to become a capital- and technologyintensive activity over the last decades. While Japanese, South Korean and Western European yards dominate the merchant shipbuilding market so far, Eastern European yards are increasingly active, in particular in low and medium complex ships. We develop a market analysis and identify the axes of competition in international ...

1997| Jürgen Bitzer, Christian von Hirschhausen
Diskussionspapiere 157 / 1997

Restructuring and Competition Strategies of Privatised Enterprises in East Germany: What Lessons for Russia?

1997| Alexander Eickelpasch, Tatjana Ribakova
198 results, from 171