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Enterprise Reform and Competition Analysis in the Post-socialist Context: Analytical Framework and Stylized Facts

In: Christian von Hirschhausen, Jürgen Bitzer (Eds.) , The Globalization of Industry and Innovation in Eastern Europe
Cheltenham [u.a.] : Elgar
S. 37-55
| Christian von Hirschhausen

The Globalization of Industry and Innovation in Eastern Europe: From Post-Socialist Restructuring to International Competitiveness

Cheltenham [u.a.]: Elgar, 2000, 340 S. | Christian von Hirschhausen, Jürgen Bitzer (Eds.)
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State Aid, Industrial Restructuring and Privatisation in the New German Länder: Competition Policy with Case Studies of the Shipbuilding and Synthetic Fibres Industries

In: Europäische Wirtschaft / European Economy (1999), 3, S. 132-160 | Lars-Hendrik Röller, Christian von Hirschhausen
Weitere Aufsätze

Industrial Restructuring in Ukraine Seven Years after Independence: From Socialism to a Planning Economy?

In: Communist Economies & Economic Transformation 10 (1998), 4, S. 451-465 | Christian von Hirschhausen
Economic Bulletin 3 / 1998

Electricity Price Disadvantages for German Industry Decreasing

1998| Jochen Diekmann, Manfred Horn, Hans-Joachim Ziesing
Gutachten / 1998

Case Study: Food Industry

1998| Frédérique Charpiot-Michaud
Gutachten / 1998

Sector Study: Software

1998| Jürgen Bitzer
Gutachten / 1998

Sector Study: Telecommunication

1998| Jürgen Müller
Gutachten / 1998

Sector Study: Computers

1998| Jürgen Bitzer
194 results, from 161