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Diskussionspapiere 157 / 1997

Restructuring and Competition Strategies of Privatised Enterprises in East Germany: What Lessons for Russia?

1997| Alexander Eickelpasch, Tatjana Ribakova
Economic Bulletin 9 / 1996

Industrial Development in the Ukraine

1996| Christian von Hirschhausen, Ulrich Weißenburger
Economic Bulletin 6 / 1996

No Room for Show-Case Projects: Editorial

1996| Kurt Hornschild

Industrial Policy in Europe

Brussels: ETUI, 1996, 21 S.
(Discussion and Working Papers ; 96.05.2)
| Georg Erber, Harald Hagemann, Stephan Seiter
Diskussionspapiere 144 / 1996

Industrial Restructuring in Ukraine: from Socialism to a Planned Economy?

Six years into post-socialist economic reform, a division has appeared between the Central and Eastern European reform countries (CEE) and the CIS-countries. Whereas the former are dedicated to introducing the institutions of a capitalist market economy, the European CIS-countries (Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakstan) still hang on to some type of state-planning and a high degree of political interference ...

1996| Christian von Hirschhausen
Economic Bulletin 6 / 1995

Russian Industry in 1994

1995| Ulrich Weißenburger
Vierteljahrshefte zur Wirtschaftsforschung 3/4 / 1991

The Decline of Greek Industrial Growth, 1963 - 1983

1991| George C. Petrakos, Spyros E. Zikos
Vierteljahrshefte zur Wirtschaftsforschung 4 / 1986

Industrial Policy in the USA, in Japan and in Western Europe: How Competitive is Europe?

1986| Fritz Franzmeyer
193 results, from 181