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Linkages between Manufacturing and Services in Germany

In: Inge Hoppner (Ed.) , Prospects for Core Industries in Japan and Germany
S. 80-97
Publications of the Japanese-German Center Berlin ; 21
| Frank Stille
Economic Bulletin 7 / 2003

Industrial Production in Germany: Recovery Only Gradual

2003| Dorothea Lucke

Product Quality, Productivity and Competitiveness: A Study of British and German Ceramic Tableware Industries

London: NIESR, 2002, 102 S.
(Occasional Papers / National Institute of Economic and Social Research ; 55)
| Valerie Jarvis, Mary O'Mahony, Hans Wessels
Economic Bulletin 7 / 2002

International Comparison of Industrial Development in the European Context - The Problems

2002| Dorothea Lucke, Jörg-Peter Weiß
44 results, from 41