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Economic Bulletin 1 / 2002

The InnoRegio Initiative: The Concept and First Results of the Complementary Research

2002| Alexander Eickelpasch, Martina Kauffeld-Monz, Ingo Pfeiffer, UlrichG. Wurzel, Thomas Bachmann
Materialien 10 / 2002

Economic Research and Policy Advice: Also a Note on Immanuel Kant's Actus der Urteilskraft

2002| Gert G. Wagner, Wolfgang Wiegard
Economic Bulletin 6 / 2002

Innovation Networks in Eastern Germany: A Still Under-utilised Potential for Human Capital Formation in the Region

2002| Birgit Soete, Ulrich G. Wurzel, Hansjörg Drewello
Diskussionspapiere 295 / 2002

Managerial Incentives, Innovation and Product Market Competition

This paper investigates the strategic value of the managerial incentive scheme in affecting firms' incentive in R&D investment and their product market activities. Firstly, we find that in Cournot-quantity competition, owners strategically assign a non-profitmaximization objective to their managers. Consequently, managers in a delegation game invest more in cost-reducing R&D, and have higher output, ...

2002| Zhentang Zhang
Diskussionspapiere 276 / 2002

Maintenance of and Innovation in Long-Term Panel Studies: The Case of the German Socio-Economic Panel (GSOEP)

The availability of panel data on the basis of micro data has become an indispensable component of the infrastructure of empirically oriented social scientists and economists. This is also a consequence of the fact that, for a panel survey, the quality of both content and methodological analyses increases with each new wave. Especially the number of events which can be analyzed increases (e.g., social ...

2002| Jürgen Schupp, Gert G. Wagner
Economic Bulletin 8 / 2002

The InnoRegio Programme: Implementing the Promotion and Developing the Networks

2002| Alexander Eickelpasch, Martina Kauffeld, Ingo Pfeiffer

ICT & E-Business in the Electronics Industry

Bonn: The European E-Business Market Watch, 2002, 68 S.
(Sector Report ; 11)
| [Philipp Köllinger]
Diskussionspapiere 300 / 2002

A Schumpeter-Inspired Approach to the Construction of R&D Capital Stocks

A new method for constructing R&D capital stocks is proposed. Following Schumpeter, the development of R&D capital stocks is modelled as a process of creative destruction. Newly generated knowledge is assumed not only to add to the existing R&D capital stocks but also, by displacing old knowledge, to destroy part of that capital. This is in stark contrast to the perpetual inventory method, which postulates ...

2002| Jürgen Bitzer, Andreas Stephan
406 results, from 351