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Economic Bulletin 3 / 1995

Competitiveness - Monocausal Diagnoses Lead to Incorrect Therapy: Editorial

1995| Kurt Hornschild
Diskussionspapiere 100 / 1994

Broadening the Scope for Reporting on the Technological Competitiveness of the Federal Republic of Germany

1994| Dieter Schumacher, Florian Straßberger

Technological Change and Employment: Innovation in the German Economy

Berlin: de Gruyter, 1990, 384 S. | Ronald Schettkat, Michael Wagner (Ed.)
Weitere Aufsätze

Perspectives for Macro-Economic Development at Different Rates of Innovative Activity

In: Ronald Schettkat, Michael Wagner (Ed.) , Technological Change and Employment
Berlin : de Gruyter
S. 345-362
| Jürgen Blazejczak
406 results, from 401