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Economic Bulletin 6 / 2000

Reform of Innovation Systems in Eastern Europe: Structural Change Sluggish

2000| Jürgen Bitzer, Christian von Hirschhausen

The Globalization of Industry and Innovation in Eastern Europe: From Post-Socialist Restructuring to International Competitiveness

Cheltenham [u.a.]: Elgar, 2000, 340 S. | Christian von Hirschhausen, Jürgen Bitzer (Eds.)
Diskussionspapiere 221 / 2000

Research and Technology Organisations in National Systems of Innovation

2000| Claudio Farina, Brigitte Preissl
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Self-Regulation within the Research Community as a Means for Shaping the Statistical Infrastructure

In: Jürgen Chlumsky, Bernhard Schimpl-Neimanns, Gert G. Wagner (Hrsg.) , Kooperation zwischen Wissenschaft und amtlicher Statistik
Stuttgart : Metzler-Poeschel
S. 59-61
Forum der Bundesstatistik : Schriftenreihe ; 34
| Gert G. Wagner
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Environmental Policy and Innovation: An International Comparison of Policy Frameworks and Innovation Effects

In: Paul Klemmer (Ed.) , Innovation and the Environment
Berlin : Analytica
S. 9-30
Innovation Effects of Environmental Policy Instruments ; 6
| Jürgen Blazejczak, Dietmar Edler, Jens Hemmelskamp, Martin Jänicke
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Environmental Innovation in the Plastics Processing Industry Cluster

In: Paul Klemmer (Ed.) , Innovation and the Environment
Berlin : Analytica
S. 101-120
Innovation Effects of Environmental Policy Instruments ; 6
| Florian Straßberger, Hans Wessels
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Green Budget Reform: Macroeconomic Impacts and Impacts on Innovation

In: Kai Schlegelmilch (Ed.) , Green Budget Reform in Europe
Berlin [u.a.] : Springer
S. 23-32
| Michael Kohlhaas
Externe referierte Aufsätze

Strategic Technology Alliances: A Way to Innovative Enterprises in Russia?

This article examines whether, how, and to what extent international technology partnerships of Russian enterprises and research institutes contribute to their technological capability building. It presents results obtained by analysis of both a unique survey of Russian enterprises and research institutes co-operating with Western partners in seven selected high-technology fields and four Russian regions ...

In: Post-Communist Economies 11 (1999), 4, S. 487-501 | Petra Opitz, Thomas Sauer
Economic Bulletin 4 / 1999

Plastics Processing - a Growth Industry in a Changing Environment

1999| Kurt Hornschild, Hans Wessels
402 results, from 371