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Publications of the Project: Global Food Markets: Global Food Security - Challenge for Production and Consumption

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  • Externe Monographien

    Fairness in Markets and Market Experiments

    Whether pro-social preferences identified in economic laboratories survive in natural market contexts is an important and contested issue. We investigate how fairness in a laboratory experiment framed explicitly as a market exchange relates to preferences for fair trade products before and after the market experiment. We find that the willingness to buy at a higher price when higher wages are paid ...

    Munich, Germany: Collaborative Research Center Transregio 190, 2018, 41 S.
    (Discussion paper / Rationality & Competition, CRC TRR 190 ; 64)
    | Dirk Engelmann, Jana Friedrichsen, Dorothea Kübler
  • Externe Monographien

    Signals Sell: Designing a Product Line when Consumers Have Social Image Concerns

    One important function of consumption is for consumers to show off their taste, virtue or wealth. While empirical observations suggest that producers take this into account, existing research has concentrated on analyzing the demand side. This paper investigates how a monopolist optimally designs its product line when consumers differ both in their taste for quality and their desire for a positive ...

    Berlin: WZB, 2016, 48, 21 S.
    (Discussion Paper / Wissenschaftszentrum Berlin für Sozialforschung ; SP II 2016–202)
    | Jana Friedrichsen
12 results, from 11