Publications of the Project: Model-based analyses for the electricity sector design to favor the integration of renewable energies in the energy transformation (MASMIE)

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Cost-Minimal Investments into Conventional Generation Capacities under a Europe-Wide Renewables Policy

For the future development of the European electricity system, renewable generation is assigned a dominant role with the underlying aim to reduce the carbon intensity. This has direct implications for conventional, dispatchable generation capacities and their future development. The objective of this paper is to investigate the investments in conventional generation technologies for a given renewable ...

In: 11th International Conference on the Europan Energy Market (EEM), 2014
7 S.
| Clemens Gerbaulet, Friedrich Kunz, Casimir Lorenz, Christian von Hirschhausen, Benjamin Reinhard
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The Benefit of Coordinating Congestion Management in Germany

The management of congestion within the German transmission network has become more important during the last years. This emerging relevance is caused by the increase of renewable generation and the partial phase-out of nuclear power plants. Both developments yield a in the transmission flow pattern and henceforth the need for congestion management. Currently, four German transmission system operators ...

In: 10th International Conference on the European Energy Market (EEM)
9 S.
| Friedrich Kunz, Alexander Zerrahn
22 results, from 21