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Diskussionspapiere 72 / 1993

East Germany: Rising Incomes, Unchanged Inequality and the Impact of Redistributive Government 1990-92

1993| Bruce Headey, Peter Krause, Roland Habich
Diskussionspapiere 86 / 1993

Inequality in Income and Satisfaction: A Comparison of East and West Germans before and after Unification

1993| Richard Hauser, Joachim R. Frick, Klaus Müller, Gert G. Wagner
Vierteljahrshefte zur Wirtschaftsforschung 3/4 / 1992

Micro income change in the Federal Republic of Germany between 1984 and 1989

1992| Ulrich Rendtel, Gert G. Wagner
Diskussionspapiere 56a / 1992

The Estimation of Poverty-Dynamics Using Different Household Income Measures

1992| Ulrich Rendtel, Rolf Langeheine, Roland Berntsen
Diskussionspapiere 34 / 1991

Incomes in East and West Germany on the Eve of Union: Some Results Based on the German Socio-Economic Panel

1991| Richard Hauser, Klaus Müller, Gert G. Wagner, Joachim R. Frick
Diskussionspapiere 38 / 1991

The Two-Thirds Society: Social Fact or Fiction?

1991| Bruce Headey, Peter Krause, Roland Habich
Diskussionspapiere 30 / 1991

Some New Insights on the Interindustry Wage Structure from the German Socio-Economic Panel

This paper investigates the interindustry wage structure in the 1985 wave of the German Socioeconomic Panel. In addition to the usual controls, this survey contains detailed information on job characteristics and work conditions. Interaction of industry affiliation is significant with several individual attributes, especially job tenure; homogeneity of earnings equations across these attributes is ...

1991| Michael C. Burda
Vierteljahrshefte zur Wirtschaftsforschung 4 / 1984

Behavioral Research with the Panel Study of Income Dynamics in Retrospect and Prospect

1984| Greg J. Duncan, James N. Morgan
1058 results, from 1051