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Role model Austria - What lessons can be learned for the design of old-age provision in Germany?

Current Project


Public Economics

Project Management

Johannes Geyer

Project Period

September 1, 2019 - March 31, 2021

Commissioned by

Forschungsnetzwerk Alterssicherung (FNA)

In the project, the differences between the German and Austrian pension systems are to be systematized and analyzed on the basis of administrative microdata and dynamic simulation models. In contrast to the previous use of stylized biographies or empirical averages, the added value of the project lies in the analysis based on microdata as well as in the differentiated consideration of individual components of the pension systems and their financial effects through extensive ceteris-paribus calculations. The aim of the project is to clarify the reasons why the Austrian pension model, despite similar conditions, is considered to have a higher level of benefits than the German system.

DIW Team