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Rates of return in pension schemes

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Public Economics

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Peter Haan

Project Period

June 1, 2018 - April 30, 2020

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In the project, calculations are to be carried out on the return on different forms of old-age provision for three types of individuals: low earners, average earners and high earners. A distinction is made between calculations for the statutory pension insurance (GRV) and for company pensions (BAV). The main aim is to show how different legal regulations in the GRV and BAV that will be effective in the future will affect the returns for younger birth cohorts. In the area of the GRV, this includes in particular all variables that affect the current pension value and the regulations of pension access. In contrast to the GRV, there are greater differences in the BAV due to the specific design of the respective pension fund. So there are different implementation methods, possible choices, different contribution arrangements, different adjustment rules in the payment phase, etc. In the comparison, we aim to work out the differences in the respective form of pension provision. This means that differences that only arise from different individual characteristics are not our focus. Moreover, we only compare insurances that cover the same risks.

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Peter Haan
Peter Haan

Head of Department in the Public Economics Department