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January 27, 2021


Towards a green and smart economy in Germany and the EU


January 27, 2021
12.30 - 2.00 p.m.


Video conference via Cisco Webex


Ambroise Fayolle, Fritzi Köhler-Geib, Debora Revoltella, Marcel Fratzscher, Claudia Kemfert

The recovery from the corona virus pandemic provides a unique opportunity for transformation. But what does it take for the German and the European economy to thrive in the new, more digital, post-Covid world? How can we transform our economies while also limiting climate change and preparing for its impact? Will we manage to advance structural transformation while strengthening social cohesion?

The present risks are substantial. Policy support in Germany and across the EU has been substantial but often too untargeted and will need to be phased out looking ahead. Uncertainty remains high and many companies find themselves in a very challenging situation, experiencing financial strain while having to adapt to a ‘new normal’. Despite the renewed push for digitalization, many firms are still lagging behind. Failing to catch up risks deepening divides among firms and people and losing advantage in areas where firms still have a technological edge.

Not meeting these challenges will delay recovery. Moreover, it means that sustainability, competitiveness and prosperity might be impaired for decades and risks to social cohesion mount.

The event will debate how Europe and Germany can successfully transition to a smart and green economy and while mitigating transition risks. It will present findings from the EIB Investment Report “Building a smart and green Europe in the COVID-19 era” and informed by results from the EIB Investment Survey, a unique datasource providing insights on corporate investment activity for Germany and the EU, allowing understanding structural trends.


Ambroise Fayolle, Vice President of the European Investment Bank (EIB).
Marcel Fratzscher, President of the German Institute for Economic Research (DIW Berlin).
Debora Revoltella is the chief economist and the director of the economics department at the European Investment Bank, steering member of SUERF, EURO50 and The Vienna Initiative.
Nicola Brandt is the Head of the OECD Berlin Centre.
Claudia Kemfert is head of department in the Energy, Transformation and Environment. Department of DIW Berlin.
Fritzi Köhler-Geib is the Chief Economist and Vice President Economics Department KfW Group.


The event language will be English.

Please register for this event ( . We will send you a link for the participation in the webinar separately. We look forward to seeing you there.