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February 27, 2024

Berlin Seminar

The EU 2040 target - How can it make climate policies more effective?


February 27, 2024
13:00 - 14:00


Vicky Pollard, DG CLIMA, European Commission, André Poschmann, Federal Ministry for Economics and Climate Action, Sibylle Braungardt, Öko Institut, Anna Leipprand, Wuppertal Institute

In the recently published communication on the EU 2040 Climate Target, the European Commission outlines the final "stepping stone" on the way to EU climate neutrality by 2050. It not only entails reducing net greenhouse gas emissions by 90% until the year 2040 but also outlines transformative developments in key sectors.

In our next Berlin Seminar, we will discuss the proposed European strategy for sectoral transformation towards climate neutrality and what it implies for climate policy in the coming years. We will focus on the implications for the industry and buildings sectors and ask: How can the 2040 targets and pathways (i) improve coordination across policies to enhance their effectiveness and (ii) strengthen the credibility of transformative strategy and policies to unlock the necessary investments?


  • Vicky Pollard,Head of Unit, CLIMA A2- Foresight, Economic Analysis and Modelling, DG CLIMA, European Commission
  • André Poschmann, Deputy Director General for European Energy Transition, Federal Ministry for Economics and Climate Action
  • Sibylle Braungardt, Senior Researcher, Öko Institut
  • Anna Leipprand, Co-Head of Research Unit Transformative Industrial Policy, Wuppertal Institute