Excerpt from our Constitution (November 18, 2010)

§ 1 Name and Seat
The association, hereinafter referred to as „Institute“, operates under the name „Deutsches Institut für Wirtschaftsforschung - DIW Berlin.“ It is headquartered in Berlin and is registered in the register of associations.

§ 2 Purpose
The purpose of the Institute is to pursue – exclusively and directly – scientific tasks that serve the common good and to observe and research economic trends and activities occurring in Germany and abroad. The results of its work must be published and be accessible to the public at large.
As a non-profit association, DIW Berlin is prohibited from pursuing profit for the sake of profit alone. Any funds or profits of the association may be used only for the purposes specified in these Bylaws. Members may receive no benefits from the association and are not entitled to any of the association’s assets when they resign as members. No person may be favored with expenditures that are contrary to the purposes of the association or with disproportionately high allowances.