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DIW Berlin Economic Barometer

What is the DIW Economic Barometer?

Every month, the German Institute for Economic Research issues its DIW Economic Barometer, an indicator of current economic trends in Germany. Based on the growth rate of the real GDP, it reflects the country's macroeconomic development. The DIW Economic Barometer provides an estimate for the real GDP of the last or the current quarter. In this way, it always provides an up-to-date overview of the economic development-a valuable contribution given that Germany's Federal Statistical Office issues its official data with a greater time lag. The DIW Economic Barometer is based on indicators such as production and sales in important economic sectors and is calculated using an econometric method. In addition to the current estimate (the green bar in the figure), the DIW Economic Barometer also comments on the main current influences on the economy.

Currently, this data collection is only available in German. Please refer to our German site for further information.