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DIW Wochenbericht
DIW Weekly Report
  • DIW Weekly Report
    33 / 2018

    Successful Climate Protection via Rapid Coal Phaseout in Germany and North Rhine-Westphalia

    Leonard Göke, Martin Kittel, Claudia Kemfert, Casimir Lorenz, Pao-Yu Oei, Christian von Hirschhausen
    S. 301-311
    Details Free Download Article | PDF  0.51 MB
  • DIW Weekly Report
    32 / 2018

    Diesel Fuel and Passenger Cars Receive Preferential Tax Treatment in Europe; Reform of Taxation Needed in Germany

    Uwe Kunert
    S. 289-298
    Details Free Download Article | PDF  222 KB
  • DIW Weekly Report
    27 / 2018

    Natural Gas Supply: No Need for Another Baltic Sea Pipeline

    Anne Neumann, Leonard Göke, Franziska Holz, Claudia Kemfert, Christian von Hirschhausen
    S. 241-248
    Details Free Download Article | PDF  1.01 MB
  • DIW Weekly Report
    24 / 2018

    The Global Economy and the Euro Area: Increased Uncertainty Is Dampening Growth

    Ferdinand Fichtner, Guido Baldi, Geraldine Dany-Knedlik, Hella Engerer, Stefan Gebauer, Malte Rieth
    S. 206-209
    Details Free Download Article | PDF  76 KB
  • DIW Weekly Report
    24 / 2018

    The German Economy Is Slowing down Somewhat: Editorial

    Ferdinand Fichtner, Guido Baldi, Christian Breuer, Geraldine Dany-Knedlik, Hella Engerer, Marcel Fratzscher, Stefan Gebauer, Simon Junker, Claus Michelsen, Malte Rieth, Thore Schlaak
    S. 203-205
    Free Download Article | PDF  36 KB
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