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The SOEP wants to strengthen methodological training in the use of SOEP data - especially for young scholars in the disciplines of sociology, economics, and psychology. As an additional service, we list workshops and lectures providing introductions to the use of the SOEP data or dealing with particular issues of data use.

Furthermore, the SOEP is part of "Doctoral Study - Network for Ph.D. Courses", a group of several northern German universities and research institutes that have joined together to improve doctoral-level education and training.

Helpful overviews to the introductory workshops are the introduction | PDF, 470.41 KB and this description of the weights | PDF, 499.41 KB (in german only). Further information on events concerning the SOEP you can find here.

Upcoming Events / Presentations

Post-conference workshop at the 2018 SLLS Conference: 
Introduction to the New SOEPlong-version
July 12, 2018, Milan/Italy
more information

12th International Research Workshop "Methods for PhD"
September 9 to 14, 2018, Akademie Sankelmark
more information

SOEPcampus@GESIS Cologne (S. Bohmann, M. Giesselmann)
October 4/5, 2018, GESIS Cologne
more information in German (external participants upon request)

CNEF-Workshop (in English, M. Giesselmann)
November 5-7, 2018, DIW Berlin
more information

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SOEPcampus events in 2017/2018

SOEPcampus@University of Mannheim (in German only, A. Fedorets/D. Schacht)
June 18/20, 2018, University of Mannheim
more information

SOEPcampus@Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz (in English)
May 4/5, 2018, University Mainz
internal workshop (no external participants)

SOEPcampus@Goethe University (C. Halbmeier)
March 5/6, 2018, University Frankfurt
internal workshop (no external participants)

SOEPcampus@DIW Berlin (in German, S. Bohmann/SOEP staff)
February 28-March 1, 2018, DIW Berlin
more information

SOEPcampus@University of Basel (L. Pagel/D. Richter)
November 9-10, 2017, University of Basel
internal workshop

Workshop on methods of SOEP (E. Liebau)
October 10-12, 2017, University of Göttingen
internal workshop

SOEPcampus@Goethe-Universität Frankfurt (workshop held in German)
September, 18-19, 2017, Goethe University Frankfurt, Frankfurt am Main
more information

11th International Research Workshop "Methods for PhD"
September, 10-15, 2017, Akademie Sankelmark/University of Southern Denmark
more information

SOEPcampus@University of Mannheim
June 26-28, University of Mannheim
more information

Late Spring School Workshop I: Panel Data Analysis (in English, M. Giesselmann)
June 6/7, 2017, University of Münster

SOEPcampus@Universität Gießen (M. M. Grabka)
June 22, 2017, Giessen University
internal workshop (no external participants)

SOEPcampus@RUB 2017 (in German, P. Schmelzer and K. Wenzig)
May 4/5, 2017 Ruhr-Universität Bochum
more information

SOEPcampus@EUI Florence (in English, M. Giesselmann)
April 24/25, 2017, European University Insitute Florence
(externals only upon request)

SOEPcampus@DIW Berlin (in German)
February 27/28, 2017, DIW Berlin
more information

Applied panel data analysis (in German, Prof. Dr. J. Brüderl)
February 13-15, 2017, GESIS Cologne
GESIS Website

SOEPCampus@Uni Leipzig (in German, E. Liebau)
February 14/15, 2017, Universität Leipzig

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