On the following pages, you will find all existing documents that describe the SOEP dataset.

They range from the questionnaires and documents on SOEP fieldwork in the various methodological reports (Questionnaires & Fieldwork Documents), to the Codebooks and a comprehensive description of the structure of the dataset as well as the use thereof (e.g., weighting and matching procedures) in the Desktop Companion (DTC), all the way to documents describing the variables that we have generated for you from the original data to facilitate analysis of common research questions (Generated Variables).

Furthermore, there are several papers that document our research and discussions on Survey Methods, particularly on samples, weights & non-response, imputations of income data, and developing and testing of survey instruments.

On our Posters page, you will find posters created by the SOEP group for various events, dealing with improvements in survey methodology and survey instruments, as well as with SOEP service.