Many of the research results and publications based on SOEP data are here at DIW Berlin. You will find the bibliographic description in our SOEPlit database. In addition, we collect publications based on the European Community Household Panel (ECHP) and the Luxembourg Income Study (LIS), as the data on Germany contained within these international comparable data sets is partly generated from SOEP data.

To keep this service up to date, we would kindly request that all authors continue to send us copies of all of their publications which have been based on SOEP data (gladly via e-mail to Uta Rahmann).

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Additionally, you may download SOEPlit in various formats online:

tab separated txt-file (TXT, 7.6 MB) to be read in a spreadsheet application (like Excel) (updated October 17, 2017);

txt-file in a ref format (TXT, 8.07 MB) to import in a reference management software (like EndNote) (updated October 17, 2017);

txt-file in a bib format (TXT, 9.83 MB) to import in the reference management software BibTeX organizing references for LaTeX documents (updated October 17, 2017).

The files contain the most useful bibliographic information (Author(s), year, titel, place, publisher, and if necessary editor(s), journal, volume, issue, pages etc.). In addition it lists prior or other known publications of a paper as well as links to publications available for free online.

This table (PDF, 441.62 KB)may help you to identify the correct fields in Endnote or other formats.

For any questions or if you need a different format, please contact Uta Rahmann.

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