Labor Economics

Cross-departmental research group at DIW Berlin

The Research Group at a glance

The labor market is where the supply and demand for labor meet. Labor Economics analyzes and monitors all economic activities that have a direct or indirect influence on the behavior of employers or job seekers.

The labor market is moreover one of the most important contributors to the performance of a country. A functioning labor market is thus crucial for the productivity of the entire economy.

The labor market is closely intertwined, at the macro- and microeconomic levels, with the other economic markets. For this reason, nearly all departments at DIW Berlin deal with issues concerning labor economics.

The research group is an exchange and collaboration platform for the departments in the labor economics sector and an interface with, among others, research conducted at the Institute for the Future of Labor (IZA) in Bonn as well as general labor and economy interests in Greater Berlin (education, BeNA). The sector gives strong impulses, in particular to the role of the labor market at the macroeconomic level as they relate to demographic questions such as migration, integration, and research on developing countries. It makes intensive use of the Socio-Economic Panel (SOEP) as well as the microdata of its in-house research data center on the federal states of Germany.