Information on the SOEP Dataset

This area should be the centerpiece of your work with the SOEP (aside from the data, of course)!

Here you will find not only all of the Documents that we have created to describe the SOEP data, but also and in particular the information system SOEPinfo, which should be consulted in the initial stage of any analysis of the SOEP data.

The section Changes in the Dataset tells you about all datasets, variables, and labels that have been added or changed in each wave, as well as any bugs that have been fixed. If an error is discovered after the current wave of data has been released, we provide documentation of this in Known Bugs / Fixes.

In the SOEPmonitor, you will find selected datasets on the household and individual level available up to the current wave for direct use or as a benchmark for your own analyses.

The quality of the SOEP data has been examined in numerous studies. Documentation of these analyses can be found under Data Quality.

Under FAQ / Questions about Data Analyses, we answer your questions about specific analyses, and the section SOEP & Statistical Software gives hints in using SOEP with your analysis software.