Transport in Figures

Traffic-related data

Transport in Figures

Transport in Figures is an annual report compiled by the DIW Berlin on behalf of the German Ministry of Transport, Building and Urban Affairs. The compendium presents statistical data for numerous aspects of the German transport sector. The annually updated edition is published in autumn and can be ordered through DVZ.

The following information and yearly statistics are included:

    Transport in its institutional framework:

    • gross fixed capital formation
    • gross and net fixed assets
    • employees, receipts, gross value added
    • characteristic figures of all transport sectors

    Transport in functional categories:

    • population, employees, private households
    • modal split of employees and pupils
    • length of the infrastructure, road land
    • rate of motorization, road traffic flow
    • expenses for traffic, net position on transport
    • motor vehicles - fleet, registrations, mileage, driving licences
    • fleet of civil planes and bycicles
    • road accidents, killed and injured persons, accident causes
    • cross border traffic, transit, road haulage by countries
    • seaborne traffic
    • passenger traffic, volume and performance
    • public and private transport, traffic purposes and non-motorized traffic
    • freight transport, volume and performance
    • cargo rates, consumer price indices, development of costs
    • motor vehicle expenditures of private households, cost-of-living index
    • energy consumption and environmental pollution datas

    International indicators of transportation