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Ulrich Rendtel (FU Berlin):
Introduction to SAS für SOEP | PDF, 427.14 KB

Please refer also to chapter 4 of our Desktop Companion "Introduction to Data Retrievals".

SAS Corporation:
FAQ for New Users of SAS Version 8 | PDF, 12.43 KB

Additional Required Steps for the SAS-Distribution

  • Regardless of how you installed the SAS files, you will have to install/create the SAS formats file. If you choose not to install/create the formats, you will not have access to any value labels.

    Worse yet, if you have an old version of the formats file left over from last year in the same directory, you will get incorrect value labels, without any warning!
  • The formats file used by SAS is specific to each operating system. Therefore you can find two different formats files here | ZIP, 34.19 MB . If you use Unix then choose the appropriate directory and copy the file to your hard disk. If you use any other operating system you can use the formats file created with the CPORT function. You will find a description how to read such a formats file in the SAS FAQ.

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