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Best Scientific Publication

First Prize:

Hans-Jürgen Andreß (University of Cologne, Germany), Barbara Borgloh, (University of Bielefeld, Germany), Miriam Bröckel, (University of Bielefeld, Germany), Marco Giesselmann and Dina Hummelsheim (both University of Cologne, Germany)
The Economic Consequences of Partnership Dissolution - A Comparative Analysis of Panel Studies from Belgium, Germany, Great Britain, Italy and Sweden
In: European Sociological Review 22 (5), 2006, 533-560
Prize money: 1000 €

Second Prizes:

Rüdiger Schmitt-Beck (University of Duisburg-Essen, Germany), Stefan Weick (Centre for Survey Research and Metholology, Mannheim,Germany) and Christoph Bernhard (Institute for Employment Research(IAB), Nürnberg, Germany)
Shaky Attachments: Individual-level Stability and Change of Partisanship Among West German Voters 1984-2001
In: European Journal of Political Research, 45 (4),2006, 581-608
Prize money: 500 €

Oliver Schilling (University of Heidelberg, Germany)
Development of life satisfaction in old age: another view on the "paradox"
In: Social Indicators Research, 75 (2), 2006, 241-271
Prize money: 500 €

Best Junior Publications

First Prize:

Nicola Fuchs-Schündeln , and Matthias Schündeln (both Harvard University, Cambridge, USA))
Precautionary Savings and Self-Selection: Evidence from the German Reunification 'Experiment'
In: The Quarterly Journal of Economics, 120 (3), 2005, 1085-1120
Prize money: 1000 €

Second Prizes:

Amparo González-Ferrer (Centro de Estudios Avanzado en Ciecias Sociales (CEACS), Instituto Juan March, Madrid, Spain)
Who Do Immigrants Marry? Partner Choices Among Single Immigrants in Germany
In: European Sociological Review 22 (2), 2006, 171-185
Prize money: 500 €

Anke C. Zimmermann and Richard A. Easterlin (both University of Southern California, Los Angeles, USA)
Happily Ever After? Cohabitation, Marriage, Divorce and Happiness in Germany
In: Population and Development Review 32 (3), 2006, 511-528
Prize money: 500 €

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Best Policy Papers

Norbert Häring, Regina Krieger and Olaf Storbeck
various articles in the Handelsblatt 2005 and 2006
Prize money: 1000 €

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