Second Felix Büchel Award 2008

The Felix Büchel Award in 2008, bestowed for the second time at the SOEP 2008 conference, was awarded jointly to Richard V. Burkhauser (Cornell University, NY/USA) and Richard Hauser (Johann Wolfgang Goethe University, Frankfurt/Main)

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The laudation for both scholars, who share the prize, was held by Regina Riphahn, the holder of the FBA 2006.

She pointed out:

Dear friends of the Socioeconomic Panel,

it is my pleasure to give the laudation for this year's winners of the Felix-Büchel Award.The selection committee has to ensure that the winner of the prize in the memory of Felix Büchel meets four criteria

1. carries out interdisciplinary longitudinal research with a comparative perspective in the national and international context
2. publishes in renowned journals and policy papers
3. makes extensive use of the SOEP in research and training
4. plays an active role in promoting SOEP's future development.

This year the prize is awarded jointly to two excellent scholars of microdata based research, who both contributed in a great extend to the promotion of the SOEP, who published successfully always with a comparative perspective, and with an eye on policy relevance.

Please join me in giving a hand to congratulate Richard Burkhauser and Richard Hauser, our double Rich. Personally, I am honored to be the laudator to both of these eminent researchers whom I have known since the early years of my own dissertation project.

I will give a brief biographical sketch for both, in alphabetical order.

Richard V. Burkhauser

is currently the "Sarah Gibson Blanding Professor of Policy Analysis" at Cornell University in Ithaca, NY.

He obtained his BA, MA and PhD all in economics, the last degree in 1976 at the University of Chicago.

Afterwards he had appointments at various institutions (e.g. US Department of Health, Education and Welfare, and Institute for Research on Poverty) before he spent about 11 years at Vanderbilt University were he became full professor. Then he left the south and moved to Syracuse University were he taught for 9 years. Since 1998 he has been at Cornell.

Since many years he has had ties to Germany, he visited the University of Frankfurt/Main in 1988, and is currently research professor of the DIW. His research interests are in the areas of disability, aging, retirement, and income security.

Richard is an very active and effective scholar, who published and edited broadly, did interdisciplinary research with many government contracts, gave public testimony, served on many public panels and did policy advising throughout.

In connection with the SOEP Richard Burkhauser is the mayor promoter of the Cross National Equivalence Files, most of you know and appreciate. He is a deserving recipient of the Felix Büchel Award.

No less is Richard Hauser, our second award winner.
Richard Hauser is currently emeritus Professor of Social Policies at the University of Frankfurt/Main.

He obtained his training including a banking apprenticeship all in Munich and at the University of Munich. For about 2 years he was appointed Full Professor of Economic Policy at the Berlin University of Technology, before he started his career in Frankfurt. Richard Hauser held the chair of Social Policy at the University of Frankfurt for 25 years. From there he undertook numerous research visits abroad, and it seems that during some of these one Rich visited the other Rich.

Richard Hauser is an expert on issues of poverty, income distribution and social security policies. He administered numerous research projects on these issues, has published widely in Germany and on the international level, and has always been a highly esteemed advisor of the government. He is the one to ask if you want to know the facts about poverty in Germany.

Richard Hauser was instrumental in establishing the SOEP from its very beginning and can be considered as one of its fathers. Even though Richard Hauser left the SOEP advisory council in 1997 he has remained a strong voice in the ongoing and highly successful process of making data in general available for empirical research in Germany.

I am very happy to present to you Richard Hauser and Richard Burkhauser. Both of them are deserving recipients of the Felix Büchel award, both have contributed enormously to the development of the SOEP, have used the SOEP in their research, and have outstanding publication records.

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