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Transitional Data Analysis (TDA) is a statistic program to help analyses of longitudinal data. The link leads you to the TDA-site of the University of Bochum (Germany).


NEWSPELL is a program that allows the manipulation of Spell files. One can use it for any of the following:

  • Create distinctive calendars and eliminate multiple cites with a user defined hierarchy. For example, in the Spell file ARTKALEN.DAT (Occupation calendar on monthly basis) one can define a priority of spell information in case of multiple cites in such a way, that the event "unemployment" is picked over any other response given for the same time period.
  • Aggregation of events. Different events can be combined within a single Spell type. For example the occupation status "Full-time Employment" and "Part-time Employment" can be combined into a single Spell type "Gainful Employment".
  • Disaggregation of combined events. For example the events "Full-time Employment" and "Unemployment" can be split into three different categories, depending on their occurrence in a given time period of interest (month or year):
    • Type 1: Unemployed and full-time employed at the same time
    • Type 2: Unemployed but not full-time employed at the same time
    • Type 3: Full-time employed but not month unemployed at the same time
  • The output can be selected as a new Spell file with censor information and/or as time series data.
  • Additionally, a log-file keeps record of all activities of a session with NEWSPELL.
  • A result file contains frequencies of each new spell type for each person.

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Bioscope is a program on the data distribution DVD written for MS-DOS to enable researchers to view spell data episodes graphically.

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