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Wave T - 10.12.2004

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Update of Data Distribution 1984-2003

After completion of the SOEP data distribution 1984-2003, the variables listed below have been corrected or modified. These corrections can be downloaded and updated with a special update program.

    In the generation of monthly marital status biographies (BIOMARSM), a systematic error crept in which partially affects the annual marital status biographies (BIOMARSY) and the annual marital status variables $FAMSTD in the records $PGEN.
    Here we offer two new archives: BIOMARSM and BIOMARSY.
    The integrated forecast on the previously distributed CD-ROM was - as stated - provisional, and has since been revised. The integrated weights A-G can now be found separately in the new records HHRFAG (integrated household weights) and PHRFAG (integrated individual weights).
  3. SPEL_100.EXE
    In the NEWSPELL-archive SPEL_100.EXE of the previously distributed CD-ROM, it is not the current data that are identified but rather those for the years 1984-2001 (Waves A-R). Here, we offer a new archive: SPEL_100.EXE.

    The corrections for the following points 4 to 6 will be made in your unpacked SOEP data files by the update program UPD2RUN.EXE.
  4. TPOP in PPFAD
    For households without interviews in the current wave, the variable TPOP in the record PPFAD is defined differently than in the previous year. This was corrected.
  5. $BULA and $SAMPREG
    Individual incompatibilities between the variables $BULA (Bundesland), $SAMPREG (residential region) have been adjusted.
  6. $TYPHH2 in $HGEN
    A few inconsistencies in the variable $TYPHH2 (household typologies) in the records $HGEN were adjusted.

All corrections can be made in SPSS, SAS and STATA on both Windows and UNIX platforms. The update procedure is simple to follow and poses no problems with regard to data protection law. You will need a Windows system with a CD-ROM drive, as well as the password and CD-ROM no. 3 of the current data distribution 1984-2003 (Waves A-T).

If you have any questions, please contact Rainer Pischner.