Entry for Interested

Introduction for anyone interested in SOEP

  • We offer a general overview of the history, structure, and possibilities of the SOEP, as well as more detailed information on the structure of the SOEP in the overview documents.
  • What topics have been studied with the SOEP? Our collection of publications based on SOEP are available to you in the SOEPlit databank with bibliographic details (for online viewing or downloading). The SOEP Wave Report 2013 | PDF, 10.16 MB provide an initial overview.
  • Can the SOEP help you to investigate your research question? What and how we ask can be seen in the questionnaires that we have been making available as PDF files since 1997. Since different special topics are dealt with each year, you should also use SOEPinfo.
  • The SOEP data are available for scientific analysis in different forms. By clicking on data, you can find out which dataset could be useful for you and get more details on obtaining the data.
  • The SOEP survey is advised by the distinguished scholars on the SOEP Survey Committee.
  • The SOEP data can be used well in methodological training at the university level - especially in the fields of Sociology, Economics, and Psychology. Under SOEPcampus, we have compiled all aspects relevant to the use of SOEP in university teaching in these areas.