Entry for Data Users

Introduction for SOEP Data Users

  • The SOEP Research Data Center (FDZ-SOEP) has been established for you as a future data user. It offers an overarching framework for all the services we provide.
  • If you're wondering which data are available and how you can obtain them, the most important pages providing answers can be found under data.
  • The online version of SOEPinfo provides the optimal starting point for new projects, providing simple frequencies, variable searches, links to questionnaires, and syntax files for SPSS, SAS, and Stata. 
  • Detailed information for working with the data is provided on our documentation page. There, under documents, you will find descriptions of the current variables and survey methods used, as well as questionnaires and methodological reports on the field work.
  • Compiled on one page: forms and informational brochures on data use, data protection, regional data, the use of SOEP in university teaching, access to mailing lists, etc.
  • Changes in the dataset for the current wave and error updates are listed here.
  • Would you like to know whether your findings are plausible? Refer to the figures in the SOEPmonitor as a benchmark.
  • SOEPawards: awards are given on a regular basis for analyses based on the SOEP data (rules and award winners).
  • The quarterly SOEPnewsletter provides information on all news about SOEP-new and modified datasets, conferences and workshops, new data users, recent publications based on the SOEP, and activities and staff changes in the SOEP group at DIW Berlin.