News and Press Releases of DIW Berlin News and Press Releases en DIW Berlin SOEPcampus@home Workshop Series - Registration Now Open ]]> Wed, 01 Jul 2020 04:51:00 +0200 New report published: Investments in Climate Friendly Materials to Strengthen the Recovery Package

Thu, 25 Jun 2020 01:55:00 +0200
DG Competition of the European Commission publishes several studies evaluating State aid rules provided by a consortium with the participation of the DIW Berlin ]]> Thu, 18 Jun 2020 12:20:00 +0200 Sponsorship for PhD student at the Graduate Center ]]> Wed, 10 Jun 2020 10:33:00 +0200 Virtual Digital Economy Seminar (VIDE) co-organized by DIW research associate Hannes Ullrich ]]> Thu, 28 May 2020 04:53:00 +0200 Tomaso Duso appointed to EU Commission’s advisory group ]]> Wed, 27 May 2020 11:26:00 +0200 A Green New Deal after Corona: What We Can Learn from the Financial Crisis Already after the financial crisis in 2008/2009 there was a debate on whether elements aiming at sustainable development can be part of the stimulus packages and support the recovery of the economy. Despite the instinct of policy makers to prioritise battle-tested policies during a crisis, significant levels and different types of climate-friendly components were integrated in the 2009 stimulus packages across the globe. The experience from the past crisis proves that such climate-oriented economic stimulus policies not only raise investments with benefits for economic output and jobs in the near term, but can also lay the groundwork for long-term innovation and economic development aligned with environmental constraints. By introducing policies such as Contracts for Difference for low-carbon industrial processes and renewable energy, and Green Public Procurement, governments can further ensure that their stimulus packages are transformative. Hence, “green stimuli” have the capacity to boost economic recovery also during the current Corona crisis.

Mon, 11 May 2020 03:25:00 +0200
Marica Valente selected to attend the Lindau Nobel Laureate Meetings ]]> Wed, 06 May 2020 10:52:00 +0200 SOEP Rated “Excellent” in 2019 Leibniz Evaluation ]]> Wed, 29 Apr 2020 04:52:00 +0200 New SOEP Research Project: What Are the Social Consequences of the Corona Pandemic? ]]> Wed, 29 Apr 2020 04:45:00 +0200 ECB and Fed monetary policy measures against the economic effects of the coronavirus pandemic have little effect To cushion the economic effects of the coronavirus pandemic, central banks have taken far-reaching monetary policy measures. The US Federal Reserve has lowered its interest rates and, like the European Central Bank, has expanded its bond purchase programs. However, it is questionable whether these measures are having the desired effect of calming the markets and supporting the real economy. It is true that the macroeconomic effects cannot yet be quantified, but initial indications of their effectiveness can be seen in the short-term reactions of stock prices and bond yields. The following article shows how interest rates and prices have reacted directly to the central bank announcements and what conclusions can be drawn from this for future measures.

Mon, 27 Apr 2020 04:05:00 +0200
Melanie Koch has successfully defended her dissertation

Melanie Koch, Research Associate in the International Economics Department and GC Class of 2015, has successfully defended her dissertation at Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin.

The dissertation with the title "Non-Standard Preferences and Beliefs in Financial Decision Making" was supervised by Prof. Dr. Lukas Menkhoff (DIW Berlin) and Prof. Dr. Georg Weizsäcker (HU).

We congratulate Melanie on her success and wish her all the best for her future career.

Tue, 14 Apr 2020 04:39:00 +0200
Joint Economic Forecast: Economy in Shock – Fiscal Policy to Counteract ]]> Wed, 08 Apr 2020 02:49:00 +0200 Housing Policies Worldwide during Coronavirus Crisis: Challenges and Solutions The coronavirus pandemic, which began in December 2019 and is currently spreading rapidly around the world, is having a noticeable impact on the economy and thus also on the real estate market. Since the measures to curb the spread are causing economic activities to decline massively, small and medium-sized companies in the service, hospitality, and transport sectors in particular, but the self-employed as well, are often unable to meet their short-term obligations, such as rents, loan interest, and labor costs, and are thus existentially at risk. Private tenants are also affected if they receive no or significantly less income due to the containment measures. Suggested and implemented measures aim to help commercial and private tenants and property owners in these difficult times as unbureaucratically as possible. Here, we present in detail the plans and actual measures undertaken worldwide.

Mon, 06 Apr 2020 02:03:00 +0200
COVID-19 economic crisis: Europe needs more than one instrument ]]> Mon, 06 Apr 2020 02:02:00 +0200 Vierteljahrsheft 1/2020: Debt – Blessing or Curse? ]]> Wed, 25 Mar 2020 02:51:00 +0200 A proposal for a Covid Credit Line ]]> Mon, 23 Mar 2020 10:45:00 +0200 With regard to current events: Measures implemented at the DIW Berlin Due to the current developments regarding the spread of the Covid-19/Corona virus we will follow the recommendations of the authorities and reduce all social contact to a minimum, starting March 16, 2020, in order to protect all visitors and staff members.

Staff members of the DIW Berlin will, for the most part, have the possibility to work externally. All staff can still be reached via email as well as the usual landline and mobile telephone numbers. For media representatives the staff from our press office can also be contacted via the central email address

All scheduled internal and external events within the DIW Berlin, Mohrenstraße 58, will, for the time being, no longer take place. Individual smaller video and telephone conference opportunities may still take place. Should this be the case, the person responsible for the appointment will contact you directly.

Through the measures that are being implemented restrictions and temporal delays in the handling of internal or external matters may occur; we hope, however, to thus slow down the spread of the virus whilst remaining as active as possible.

We are happy to answer any questions you may have.

We will inform you on our website if there are changes due to current developments.

Mon, 16 Mar 2020 08:45:00 +0200
Marcel Fratzscher: „The ECB is sending a strong signal that now also governments need to act more decisively“ ]]> Thu, 12 Mar 2020 03:45:00 +0200 Call for Papers: Determinants of Non-cash payments and alternative money ]]> Thu, 05 Mar 2020 12:44:00 +0200