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Statement from Marcel Fratzscher, 25 Jul 2019

The ECB has signaled a reversal in its policy direction. The economic weakness of the euro area gives the ECB no choice but to return to a more expansionary monetary policy stance. I expect the ECB to implement a package of measures in September, including an initial deposit rate cut and a ... more

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Press releases, 03 Jul 2019

Housing costs have risen sharply since 1996, especially for renters - Two thirds of older renting households spend over 30 percent of their income on rent compared with 38 percent in 1996 – People living alone in particular are affected by high housing costs more

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Press releases, 13 Jun 2019

DIW Berlin expects GDP growth of 0.9 percent for 2019 and 1.7 percent for 2020 – Overall picture remains unchanged: domestic economy is supporting growth, foreign business is subdued - Unemployment continuing to decline - Trade war poses serious risks for the German economy - Municipal ... more

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Can an economic stimulus help to stabilize Germany’s ? , president of has a clear answer to this question.
growth in decline despite increasing workforce qualifications: DIW expert Karl Brenke considers increasing bureaucratization as a possible cause of this slowdow. Learn more in the latest DIW Weekly Report:
Efficient insolvency regimes for firms are important, as they affect real and financial sectors. New summarizes the recent directive of the on minimum standards for national insolvency regimes:
In the latest World Business Report, of , K. Deutsch of & I talk about the economy: risks of recession, impact on rest of global econ through supply chain & other links, & what policy mix should be:
: Many OECD countries, including Germany, have an increased risk of speculative bubbles. Read the DIW study by & K. Kholodilin:
DIW president expects president nominee to face harder tasks than her predecessor Draghi. Pursuing reforms at a time of deepening polarization among member state governments is a huge challenge. His op-ed for :
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