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Press releases, 14 Mar 2019

According to DIW Berlin estimates, the German economy will continue its solid growth performance in 2019 and 2020. Overall, however, the economy is cooling noticeably and production capacity utilization is returning to normal. This is primarily due to the global economy weakening; it has been ... more

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Weekly Report, 11 Mar 2019

by Claire Samtleben Paid and unpaid work are still distributed very unequally between men and women in Germany. Regardless of time restrictions imposed by gainful employment, there is a gender- specific gap in time spent on housework and child care (gender care gap). The total volume of paid and ... more

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Weekly Report, 11 Mar 2019

by Aline Zucco The gender pay gap of 21 percent in Germany is partly due to the fact that men and women work in different occupations. However, considerable pay gaps between men and women can also be observed within occupations, although the gap is not constant across occupations. In particular, ... more

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Statement from Marcel Fratzscher, 07 Mar 2019

The ECB and President Draghi have sent a remarkably clear warning signal about the weakening economy and the increased risks. The ECB decision makes monetary policy even more expansionary. I consider this wise and necessary in order to soften the economic slowdown somewhat. The announcement of the ... more

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Weekly Report, 27 Feb 2019

by Stefan Gebauer, Alexander S. Kritikos, Alexander Kriwoluzky, Anselm Mattes and Malte Rieth Italy has yet to recover from the economic consequences of the financial and sovereign debt crisis that began more than a decade ago. In addition to losing 1.4 million jobs across the manufacturing and ... more

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by Claus Michelsen, Guido Baldi, Martin Bruns, Marius Clemens, Geraldine Dany Knedlik, Hella Engerer, Marcel Fratzscher, Stefan Gebauer, Max Hanisch, Simon Junker, Konstantin Kholodilin, Malte Rieth, and Thore Schlaak, in DIW Weekly Report

by Claus Michelsen, Guido Baldi, Geraldine Dany-Knedlik, Hella Engerer, Stefan Gebauer, Malte Rieth, in DIW Weekly Report

by Claus Michelsen, Martin Bruns, Marius Clemens, Max Hanisch, Simon Junker, Konstantin Kholodilin, Thore Schlaak, in DIW Weekly Report

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German economy growing despite uncertainties and risks; global economy continuing to cool down:
This Workshop wants to bring together female academic researchers & practitioners to exchange ideas in the field of , , and – submit your paper until March 31! #
Also on Sundays, women perform most of the housework and child care - paid and are still distributed very unequally between men & women in Germany
The reply by A. Kramp-Karrenbauer to Macron on Europe is important and is likely to shape much of the European debate in Germany. Here is my take and interpretation... 1/n
The International Transmission of : Claudia M. Buch, Vice President , presents research results of the International Banking Research Network at DIW Berlin, March 13, 2019:
Very nice, innovative and timely study on the geography of by Fellow and collegue with & Christian Rammer. Spatial knowledge spillovers are key drivers of innovation. Such great disaggregated data help understanding them.
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