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Roundup, 14 Nov 2018

The energy transition plays a critical role in climate change mitigation, yet it is not occurring at a speed that effectively meets greenhouse gas reduction targets (IPCC, 2018). Policy makers are confronting the challenge to unlock flexibility and efficiency of energy systems. Among others, the ... more

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Weekly Report, 07 Nov 2018

by Konstantin Kholodilin, Jan Philip Weber und Steffen Sebastian  Residential rental markets regulations have become an integral part of everyday life in Germany as in almost all other countries. The strong house price and rent increases over the past decade have fueled social debate on this ... more

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Press releases, 31 Oct 2018

Since 2011, over five million immigrants from other EU countries have immigrated to Germany – A DIW Berlin simulation shows that this immigration has increased GDP growth by an average of 0.2 percentage points every year – More needs to be done to improve employment opportunities for the ... more

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Weekly Report, 24 Oct 2018

In the past five years, the inflation in the euro area has been well below the European Central Bank’s (ECB) aimed inflation rate of close to but below two percent for achieving its objective of price stabilization in the medium term. The present analysis shows that expectations of low ... more

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Weekly Report, 17 Oct 2018

Family strongly influences personal well-being—especially in the case of refugees, whose family members often remain in their homeland. This report is the first to closely examine the well-being and family structures of refugees who came to Germany between January 2013 and January 2016. It ... more

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Migrants from across the have made a considerable contribution to economic growth in Germany
Since 2011, over five million immigrants from other countries have immigrated to . A DIW Berlin simulation shows that this has increased growth by an average of 0.2 percentage points every year:
„Merkel took responsibility for failures of her party.“ See the full interview with on Angela 's decision not to seek reelection as German by here:
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