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Roundup, 16 Jul 2019

Mobile money is a success story in terms of facilitating account ownership and payments in developing and emerging countries. Today, telecommunication companies offer mobile money services across more than 90 countries. The most popular services are deposits and instant digital money transfers ... more

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Blog Marcel Fratzscher, 03 Jul 2019


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Press releases, 03 Jul 2019

Housing costs have risen sharply since 1996, especially for renters - Two thirds of older renting households spend over 30 percent of their income on rent compared with 38 percent in 1996 – People living alone in particular are affected by high housing costs more

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Press releases, 13 Jun 2019

DIW Berlin expects GDP growth of 0.9 percent for 2019 and 1.7 percent for 2020 – Overall picture remains unchanged: domestic economy is supporting growth, foreign business is subdued - Unemployment continuing to decline - Trade war poses serious risks for the German economy - Municipal ... more

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Weekly Report, 15 May 2019

by Jan Philipp Fritsche and Patrick Christian Harms Twenty years after the introduction of the euro, this Weekly Report uses an empirical analysis to assess the performance of monetary policy in the EMU founding states. It is often claimed that the monetary policy of the European Central Bank (ECB) ... more

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Mobile payment services facilitate account ownership and transactions in developing countries. The latest DIW Roundup by Jana Hamdan provides an overview of recent literature evaluating the impact of on :
"Do Default Assignments Increase of the Poor?" - Eva Haaser and Melanie Koch present a summary of empirical evidence in the latest DIW Roundup:
The call for abstracts for the expert workshop ‘Comparative Analysis of Longitudinal Data on Educational Outcomes’ is open now! Visit our website for more information and submit an abstract:
I disagree, I think Christine Lagarde will be neither a hawk nor a dove on monetary policy — this categorization is often misused and has become almost meaningless — I think she will be pragmatic and is a proven crisis manager.
Living space is becoming increasingly unaffordable for many senior citizens. In Germany a growing proportion of older renters are overburdened by housing costs.
📢 Call for Abstracts 📢 "Eating Meat 2019 - Determinants, Consequences and Interventions" (Oct. 8-9, 2019 ) Workshop on how to reduce excessive meat and dairy consumption. Funding for speakers available. Please submit by July 28, 2019.
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