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Statement from Tomaso Duso, 20 Feb 2019

Several proposals put forward by the German and French economics ministers with respect to a new European industrial policy are extremely worrisome. At times when leading expert voices are complaining that competition policy is being enforced too loosely, it seems odd for politicians to propose ... more

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Reports, 29 Jan 2019

More than ten years after the outbreak of the Great Financial Crisis and almost ten years since the beginning of the European sovereign debt crisis, questions about the opportunities and risks of debt and debates about debt brakes have remained acute. Debt is the driving force behind investment, ... more

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Weekly Report, 28 Jan 2019

by Herbert Brücker, Johannes Croisier, Yuliya Kosyakova, Hannes Kröger, Giuseppe Pietrantuono, Nina Rother and Jürgen Schupp Asylum seekers migrating to Germany remains a hotly debated topic. The second wave of a longitudinal survey of refugees shows that their integration has ... more

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Weekly Report, 18 Jan 2019

By Elke Holst and Katharina Wrohlich The gender quota for supervisory boards is continuing to show its impact: the proportion of women on the supervisory boards of the 200 highest-performing companies in Germany increased by over two percentage points to 27 percent the past year. In the 100 largest ... more

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Weekly Report, 18 Jan 2019

By Elke Holst and Katharina Wrohlich The proportion of women on executive boards of the 100 largest banks stagnated at almost nine percent in 2018. In the 60 largest insurance companies, the proportion increased by a good percentage point to almost ten percent. While growth on executive boards has ... more

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by Herbert Brücker, Johannes Croisier, Yuliya Kosyakova, Hannes Kröger, Giuseppe Pietrantuono, Nina Rother, Jürgen Schupp, in DIW Weekly Report

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in Germany have decreased substantially since 1991 though rates remain higher for men in the former GDR. Findings are in contrast to those for the US. Detailed analysis available in English:
: Germany's Chancellor Angela Merkel said today that her country won't be reliant on alone for gas, but will diversify its suppliers. How realistic is this?
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