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  • SOEPpapers 676 / 2014

    A New Semiparametric Approach to Analysing Conditional Income Distributions

    In this paper we explore the application of structured additive distributional regression for the analysis of conditional income distributions in Germany following the reunification. Using a bootstrapped Kolmogorov-Smirnov test we find that conditional personal income distributions can generally be modelled using the three parameter Dagum distribution. Additionally our results hint at an even more ...

    2014| Alexander Sohn, Nadja Klein, Thomas Kneib
  • Diskussionspapiere 1393 / 2014

    Do Media Data Help to Predict German Industrial Production?

    Expectations form the basis of economic decisions of market participants in an uncertain world. Sentiment indicators reflect those expectations and thus have a proven track record for predicting economic variables. However, respondents of surveys perceive the world to a large extent with the help of media. So far, mainly very crude media information, such as word-count indices, has been used in the ...

    2014| Konstantin A. Kholodilin, Tobias Thomas, Dirk Ulbricht
  • SOEPpapers 661 / 2014

    Who Is Overeducated and Why? Probit and Dynamic Mixed Multinomial Logit Analyses of Vertical Mismatch in East and West Germany

    Overeducation is an often overlooked facet of untapped human resources. But who is overeducated and why? Relying on SOEP data 1984‐2011, we use probit models for estimating the likelihood of entering overeducation and dynamic mixed multinomial logit models with random effects addressing state dependence and unobserved heterogeneity. As further robustness checks we use three specifications of the target ...

    2014| Christina Boll, Julian Sebastian Leppin, Klaus Schömann
  • SOEPpapers 658 / 2014

    The Impact of Education on Personality: Evidence from a German High School Reform

    This paper investigates the short-term effects of a reduction in the length of high school on students' personality traits using a school reform carried out at the state level in Germany as a quasi-natural experiment. Starting in 2001, academic-track high school (Gymnasium) was reduced from nine to eight years in most of Germany's federal states, leaving the overall curriculum unchanged. This enabled ...

    2014| Sarah Dahmann, Silke Anger
  • Diskussionspapiere 1283 / 2013

    Estimating Alternative Technology Sets in Nonparametric Efficiency Analysis: Restriction Tests for Panel and Clustered Data

    Nonparametric efficiency analysis has become a widely applied technique to support industrial benchmarking as well as a variety of incentive- based regulation policies. In practice such exercises are often plagued by incomplete knowledge about the correct specifications of inputs and outputs. Simar and Wilson (2001) and Schubert and Simar (2011) propose restriction tests to support such specification ...

    2013| Anne Neumann, Maria Nieswand, Torben Schubert
  • Diskussionspapiere 1270 / 2013

    The Spatial Dimension of US House Price Developments

    Spatial heterogeneity and spatial dependence are two well established aspects of house price developments. However, the analysis of differences in spatial dependence across time and space has not gained much attention yet. In this paper we jointly analyze these three aspects of spatial data. We apply a panel smooth transition regression model that allows for heterogeneity across time and space in spatial ...

    2013| Katharina Pijnenburg
  • DIW Economic Bulletin 5 / 2013

    Low Level of Equal Opportunities in Germany: Family Background Shapes Individual Economic Success

    For many years, securing equal life opportunities has been a normative goal shared by all democratic societies in the western world. Although, in principle, all citizens enjoy the same rights, in reality, individual life opportunities still vary according to family background which, in turn, shapes the prevailing pattern of social inequality. This is not a specifically German phenomenon. Based on a ...

    2013| Daniel D. Schnitzlein
  • Externe referierte Aufsätze

    Dealing with Incomplete Household Panel Data in Inequality Research

    In trying to capture complete within-household heterogeneity, household panel surveys typically try to interview all adult household members. Following from this, such surveys tend to suffer from partial unit nonresponse (PUNR), that is, the nonresponse of at least one member of an otherwise participating household, most likely yielding an underestimation of aggregate household income. Using data from ...

    In: Sociological Methods & Research 41 (2012), 1, S. 89-123 | Joachim R. Frick, Markus M. Grabka, Olaf Groh-Samberg
  • Externe Monographien

    The Distribution of Pension Wealth and the Process of Pension Building: Augmenting Survey Data with Administrative Pension Records by Statistical Matching ; Dissertation

    The overhaul of the German system of old-age provision raises concerns about the future distribution of pension rights. Therefore, it is critical to gain a thorough understanding of the role pension wealth plays in the individual's total wealth holdings, but also what individual-level and institutional factors facilitate or impede successful pension building that allow individuals to retire with a ...

    Berlin: Technische Universität, 2012, XIV, 334 S. | Anika Rasner
  • Externe referierte Aufsätze

    Overcoming Data Limitations in Nonparametric Benchmarking: Applying PCA-DEA to Natural Gas Transmission

    We empirically demonstrate a practical approach of efficiency evaluation with limited data availability in some regulated industries. We apply PCA-DEA for radial efficiency measurement to U.S. natural gas transmission companies in 2007. PCA-DEA reduces dimensions of the optimization problem while maintaining most of the variation in the original data. Our results suggest that the methodology reduces ...

    In: Review of Network Economics 9 (2010), 2, Article 4 | Maria Nieswand, Astrid Cullmann, Anne Neumann