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Diskussionspapiere 1714 / 2017

Project-Based Carbon Contracts: A Way to Finance Innovative Low-Carbon Investments

Low and uncertain carbon prices are often stated as a major obstacle for industrial sector investments in technologies to deliver deep emissions reductions. Project-based carbon contracts underwritten by national governments could addressregulatory .

2017| Jörn Richstein
Diskussionspapiere 1716 / 2017

Insurance, Redistribution, and the Inequality of Lifetime Income

In this paper, we study how the tax-and-transfer system reduces the inequality of lifetime income by redistributing lifetime earnings between individuals with different skill endowments and by providing individuals with insurance against lifetime ...

2017| Peter Haan, Daniel Kemptner, Victoria Prowse
Future Power Market Platform

Workshop on TSO-DSO-PX Cooperation II

Increasing shares of active consumers, distributed generators, new flexibility providers on the distribution network lead a need of coordination between TSO, DSOs and power exchanges.  In this workshop we would like to extend the discussion we ...

10.01.2018| Karsten Neuhoff, Jörn Richstein
Future Power Market Platform

Workshop on Zonal and Nodal Co-Existence

The question posed in this workshop is not whether zonal or nodal is better - but in the case some countries wish to go to a nodal system, how would that interact with the neighboring electricity markets. Interested countries argue that under ...

24.09.2018| Karsten Neuhoff, Jörn Richstein
SOEPpapers 945 / 2017

Perceptions of Discrimination: What Do They Measure and Why Do They Matter?

This study addresses the difficulty in linking ethnic discrimination and integration outcomes of immigrants in empirical research. Many of the existing studies look at the relationship between perceived discrimination and integration, but most are ..

2017| Claudia Diehl, Elisabeth Liebau
Diskussionspapiere 1715 / 2017

Collusive Benchmark Rates Fixing

The fixing of the Libor and Euribor benchmark rates has proven vulnerable to manipulation. Individual rate-setters may have incentives to fraudulently distort their submissions. For the contributing banks to collectively agree on the direction in ...

2017| Nuria Boot, Timo Klein, Maarten Pieter Schinkel
Diskussionspapiere 1713 / 2017

Modern Public Enterprises: Organisational Innovation and Productivity

In advanced economies, state-owned enterprises play an important role in sectors of general interest such as energy and water supply. The conditions under which they operate have changed fundamentally since 1998, with new strategies required for ...

2017| Caroline Stiel
Berlin Seminar on Energy and Climate Policy

Offenlegung und Berichterstattung von Klimarisiken und Treibhausgasemissionen: Welche Rolle können diese Ansätze zur Erreichung der Klimaziele spielen?

In diesem BSEC wollen wir mit Blick auf den Anfang der Legislaturperiode fragen, welche Rolle informationsbezogenen Ansätze für Dekarbonisierungs-Entscheidungen in Unternehmen spielen können. Hierzu gab es bereits gesetzgeberische ...

10.01.2018| Prof. Dr. Alexander Bassen, Universität Hamburg Marion Haas, BNP Paribas Susan Dreyer, CDP
Press Release

Gert G. Wagner celebrates his 65th birthday, leaves position on DIW Berlin's executive board

Gert G. Wagner, who served as a member of the German Institute for Economic Research's executive board from 2011 to 2017, will celebrate his 65th birthday on January 5. The economist and social scientist was the head of the Socio-Economic Panel (SOEP

12158 results, from 1