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Flexible Electricity Generation, Grid Exchange and Storage for the Transition to a 100% Renewable Energy System in Europe

Two transition pathways towards a 100% renewable energy (RE) power sector by 2050 are simulated for Europe using the LUT Energy System Transition model. The first is a Regions scenario, whereby regions are modelled independently, and the second is an

In: Renewable Energy 139 (2019), S. 80-101 | Michael Child, Claudia Kemfert, Dmitrii Bogdanov, Christian Breyer
Diskussionspapiere 1800 / 2019

EU Merger Policy Predictability Using Random Forests

I study the predictability of the EC’s merger decision procedure before and after the 2004 merger policy reform based on a dataset covering all affected markets of mergers with an official decision documented by DG Comp between 1990 and 2014. Using

2019| Pauline Affeldt
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The Peer Composition of Pre-School Settings in England and Early Recorded Attainment among Low-Income Children

Evidence suggests that early education can promote children’s development and narrow attainment gaps between those from lower-income and higher-income families. However, realisation of these potential benefits depends on many factors, feasibly ...

In: British Journal of Sociology of Education (2019), im Ersch. [online first: 201902-13] | Kitty Stewart, Tammy Campbell, Ludovica Gambaro
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Simulating the Potential of Swarm Grids for Pre-Electrified Communities: a Case Study from Yemen

Swarm grids are an emerging approach to electrification in the Global South that interconnects individual household generation and storage to a small electricity network to make full use of existing generation capacities. Using a simulation tool for

In: Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews 108 (2019), S. 289-302 | Martha M. Hoffmann, Dawud Ansaria
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Dimensions of Social Stratification and Their Relation to Mortality: A Comparison Across Gender and Life Course Periods in Finland

Differences in mortality between groups with different socioeconomic positions (SEP) are well-established, but the relative contribution of different SEP measures is unclear. This study compares the correlation between three SEP dimensions and ...

In: Social Indicators Research 145 (2019), 1, S. 349-365 | Rasmus Hoffmann, Hannes Kröger, Lasse Tarkiainen, Pekka Martikainen
Cluster-Seminar Öffentliche Finanzen und Lebenslagen

Information Provision and Postgraduate Studies

This is the first paper to experimentally examine effects of information provision on postgraduate education decisions. We conduct and evaluate an online-RCT across 446 college students close to completion of their undergraduate degree and ...

17.04.2019| Frauke Peter
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SOEP Survey Papers 695: SOEP Survey Papers : Series A - Survey Instruments (Erhebungsinstrumente) / 2019

SOEP-Core – 2017: Youth (16-17-year-olds, M1/M2, with Reference to Variables)

2019| SOEP Group
SOEP Survey Papers 689: SOEP Survey Papers : Series A - Survey Instruments (Erhebungsinstrumente) / 2019

SOEP-Core – 2017: Mother and Child (9-10-year-olds, with Reference to Variables)

2019| SOEP Group
12147 results, from 31