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Vierteljahrshefte zur Wirtschaftsforschung 3 / 2004

How Successful Has the Stability and Growth Pact Been? An Empirical Analysis

Vor dem Beitritt zur EWU wurde die Fiskalpolitik durch den möglichen Ausschluss einer einzelnen Währung diszipliniert. Nach dem Beitritt erfolgt diese Disziplinierung durch den Stabilitäts- und Wachstumspakt. Im vorliegenden Aufsatz wird die in beiden Regimen ausgeübte Disziplinierung an drei verschiedenen Kriterien überprüft: der Wahrscheinlichkeit, das 3 %-Kriterium zu verletzen, der Wahrscheinlichkeit, ...

2004| Andrew Hughes Hallet, John Lewis
Diskussionspapiere 1082 / 2010

Reinforcing EU Governance in Times of Crisis: The Commission Proposals and Beyond

The recent extensive package introduced by the Commission is the "most comprehensive reinforcement of economic governance in the EU and the euro area since the launch of the Economic and Monetary Union. Broader and enhanced surveillance of fiscal policies, but also macroeconomic policies and structural reforms are sought in the light of the shortcomings of the existing legislation. New enforcement ...

2010| Ansgar Belke
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Impact of ICT and Human Skills on the European Financial Intermediation Sector

In: Morten Balling, Ernest Gnan, Frank Lierman, Jean-Pierre Schoder (Eds.) , Productivity in the Financial Services Sector
Wien : SUERF
S. 183-199
SUERF Study ; 2009/4
| Georg Erber, Reinhard Madlener
Diskussionspapiere 427 / 2004

Fiscal Policy Rules for Stabilisation and Growth: A Simulation Analysis of Deficit and Expenditure Targets in a Monetary Union

We analyse the effectiveness of fiscal policy rules for business cycle stabilisation in a monetary union using a quarterly macro-econometric model of Germany. The simulations compare a deficit target and an expenditure target under a range of supply, demand and fiscal shocks. Their effects are evaluated by their impact on prices and output. The analysis demonstrates that in general the deficit target ...

2004| Tilman Brück, Rudolf Zwiener

Special Issue: Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Growth

London: Carfax, 2004, VI S., S. 161-263
(Industry and Innovation ; 11,3)
| Birgit Soete, Andreas Stephan (Eds.)

Uncertainty Determinants of Corporate Liquidity

Chestnut Hill, Mass.: Boston College, Department of Economics, 2005, 35 S.
(Boston College Working Papers in Economics ; 634)
| Christopher F. Baum, Mustafa Caglayan, Andreas Stephan, Oleksandr Talavera

Trends in Infrastructure Regulation and Financing: International Experience and Case Studies from Germany

Cheltenham [u.a.]: Edward Elgar, 2004, XIV, 295 S. | Christian von Hirschhausen, Thorsten Beckers, Kay Mitusch (Eds.)
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In: Christian von Hirschhausen, Thorsten Beckers, Kay Mitusch (Eds.) , Trends in Infrastructure Regulation and Financing
Cheltenham [u.a.] : Edward Elgar
S. 1-10
| Christian von Hirschhausen, Thorsten Beckers, Kay Mitusch
Diskussionspapiere 1174 / 2011

Labor Markets and the Financial Crisis: Evidence from Tajikistan

The financial crisis in 2008/2009 substantially influenced the everyday social and economic life of many Tajik people, including their behavior in the labor market. However, not much is known about the dynamics of the labor markets of the transition economies, especially in the context of the current financial crisis. Arguably, this is mainly due to paucity of panel data. In this paper, we aim to study ...

2011| Antje Kröger, Kristina Meier
Diskussionspapiere 1103 / 2011

Do Regions with Entrepreneurial Neighbors Perform Better? A Spatial Econometric Approach for German Regions

We use a neoclassical production function to analyze the effects of knowledge spillovers via entrepreneurship on economic performance of 337 German districts. To take the spatial dependence structure of the data into account, we estimate a spatial Durbin model. We highlight the importance of the choice of the appropriate weight matrix. We find positive knowledge spillover effects via entrepreneurship ...

2011| Katharina Pijnenburg, Konstantin A. Kholodilin
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