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Linos-2 Workshop

As part of the DFG-funded project Strukturelle Bedingungen von Gerechtigkeitseinstellungen über den Lebensverlauf (for short LINOS for Legitimation of Inequalities over the Life-span), a workshop will take place on 13th and 14th of September, 20 ...

13.09.2018| linos@diw.de
Diskussionspapiere 1744 / 2018

Herd Behavior in FDA Committees: A Structural Approach

Many important decisions within public and private organizations are based on recommendations from expert committees and advisory boards. A notable example is the U.S. Food and Drug Administration's advisory committees, which make recommendations on

2018| Melissa Newham, Rune Midjord
DIW Roundup 6 / 2014

Arts Education: Investment in Education, Opportunity for Social Policy or Instrumentalisation of Culture?

The role of arts education in our society is increasingly becoming the subject of fierce debate. Is it losing significance, with culture being the victim of austerity policies and young people no longer having time for music school due to increasing

2014| Adrian Hille
Diskussionspapiere 1743 / 2018

Active Learning Fosters Financial Behavior: Experimental Evidence

We conduct a randomized field experiment to study the effects of two financial education interventions offered to small-scale retailers in Western Uganda. The treatments contrast “active learning” with “traditional lecturing” within standardi

2018| Tim Kaiser, Lukas Menkhoff
Berlin Seminar on Energy and Climate Policy

Energy and Climate Policy in Mexico in the aftermath of National Elections

In 2013, the Mexican government launched an ambitious reform package that meant to radically change the face of Mexico’s energy system. Besides reforming the oil and gas sectors, amongst others it also aimed at liberalizing the electricity ...

10.07.2018| César Alejandro Hernández, Senior Energy Analyst at International Energy AgencyJosé Imer Campos & Rodrigo Jiménez, Hertie School of Governance Heiner von Lüpke, DIW Berlin
Berlin Seminar on Energy and Climate Policy

Gas Transit through Ukraine – Discussing Ways Forward

The transit contract between Russia and Ukraine ends 31 December 2019. The future of Ukraine’s gas transit is uncertain, because export volumes are expected to be redirected through Nord Stream 2 and Turk Stream. Yet, gas transit through ...

29.08.2018| Edward C. Chow, Senior Fellow, Energy and National Security Program, CSIS, Washington Followed by comments fromHolgar Kolley, Deputy Head of Division, Federal Foreign OfficeStefan Rolle, Head of Division, Federal Ministry for Economics and EnergyGeorg Zachmann, Bruegel
Berlin Seminar on Energy and Climate Policy

The role of trade policy for implementing the Paris Agreement

Trade policy has been in the headline news throughout this year. At the same time, trade policy is capturing increasing attention in international climate policy debates, for example regarding the responsibilities of consumers for carbon embodied in ...

29.11.2018| Karsten Neuhoff
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Big Banks and Macroeconomic Outcomes: Theory and Cross‐Country Evidence of Granularity

Does the mere presence of big banks affect macroeconomic outcomes? We develop a theory of granularity for the banking sector by modeling heterogeneous banks charging variable markups. Using data for a large set of countries, we show that the banking

In: Journal of Money, Credit and Banking 50 (2018), 8, S. 1785-1825 | Franziska Bremus, Claudia M. Buch, Katheryn N. Russ, Monika Schnitzer
Weekly Report

Signs of New Housing Bubble in Many OECD Countries – Lower Risk in Germany

Ten years after the worldwide financial and economic crisis was triggered by the American real estate market, real estate prices are rising around the globe. Concerns about a new housing bubble are growing. The present report based on OECD data for 2

26.07.2018| Konstantin A. Kholodilin, Claus Michelsen
12104 results, from 21