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DIW Seminar on Macroeconomics and Financial Markets

Financial frictions and wages

This paper aims at analyzing the interaction between financial frictions and wages. We use a large data set for Germany for 2006 to 2014 that combines administrative data on workers and wages with detailed information on firms' balance sheets. ...

30.05.2018| Britta Gehrke, Friedrich-Alexander-University Erlangen-Nürnberg

Liquidity Provision and Equity Funding of Banks

The seven BERA institutions cordially invite you to the next BERA Soirée: Liquidity Provision and Equity Funding of Banks Moderation by Prof. Bernd Fitzenberger, Humboldt University Berlin 19.00 Welcome Reception for newly admitted ...

23.10.2018| Georg Weizsäcker
Research project

Early warning systems for sovereign and banking crises

Current Project| Macroeconomics
Weekly Report

A stabilization fund can make the euro area more crisis-proof

Reorganizing European fiscal policy is a main topic in current reform considerations. In particular, the creation of a European stabilization mechanism is being discussed. This study examines the macroeconomic effects of a stabilization fund, the ...

06.06.2018| Marius Clemens, Mathias Klein

Finance and Development 2019

Financial systems have developed rapidly in many developing countries. These changes increase the need for research into their effects. To this end DIW Berlin will host a workshop in the field of “Finance and Development” to be held in ...

25.04.2019| David McKenzie (World Bank)
Research project

New examinations about the impact of foreign exchange interventions

Research about foreign exchange interventions has received renewed attention during the last years. This becomes most visible in various recent studies by the International Monetary Fund (IMF) which assess foreign exchange interventions quite ...

Current Project| International Economics
DIW Lecture on Money and Finance

The International Transmission of Monetary Policy: Evidence from the International Banking Research Network

Claudia M. Buch Vice President, Deutsche Bundesbank Welcome by Lukas Menkhoff | Head of Department International Economics at DIW Berlin Moderation by Dorothea Schäfer | Research Director Financial Markets at DIW BerlinInternational economic ...

13.03.2019| Claudia Buch
DIW Lecture on Money and Finance

Unelected Power: Technocrats and Legitimacy

with  Paul Tucker

06.06.2019| Paul Tucker
DIW Lecture on Money and Finance

Regulation of Sovereign Exposures

67 results, from 1