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DIW Weekly Report 31 / 2019

German Economy Needs to Invest More in Knowledge Capital

The efficiency of the German economy is powered by its knowledge-intensive industrial and services sectors. Yet the use of knowledge capital to drive innovation and productivity in Germany is rather low compared to other European countries and the ..

2019| Heike Belitz, Martin Gornig
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R&D Investments and Corporate Cash Holdings

This paper presents evidence about how research and development (R&D) expenditures affect corporate cash holdings in European country groups that differ in their innovation capacity. In theory, one can expect intangible investments such as R&D to ...

In: Economics of Innovation and New Technology 27 (2018), 7, S.594-610 | Guido Baldi, André Bodmer
Seminar Series on Research in Development Economics

On the Mechanics of the Resource Curse: Experimental Evidence from Mozambique

09.04.2018| Alexander Coutts, Nova SBE
Seminar Series on Research in Development Economics

Abundance from Abroad: Migrant Earnings and Local Development in the Philippines


17.05.2018| Dean Yang, University of Michigan
Seminar Series on Research in Development Economics

Exit as entry in antipoverty transfer programmes

Paper Abstract

19.07.2018| Armando Barrientos, University of Manchester
Research Project

Evaluation of "Zwanzig20 - Partnerschaft für Innovation"

Current Project| Firms and Markets
Seminar Series on Research in Development Economics

Farmers to Entrepreneurs

10.01.2019| Salvatore di Falco, Université de Genève
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Steuerliche Forschungsförderung: Geringe Lenkungswirkung und hohe Kosten

In: Ifo-Schnelldienst 72 (2019), 9, S. 9-12 | Heike Belitz

Evidence-Based Policy Making in Labor Economics: The IZA World of Labor Guide 2015

London: Bloomsbury, 2015, 248 S. | Klaus F. Zimmermann, Alexander S. Kritikos
Press Release

Company productivity increases with more knowledge-based capital

First study using official company records — more knowledge-based capital increases productivity — some sectors are already investing more in knowledge-based capital than in machines and buildings — economic policy must take a ...Un

233 results, from 1