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Diskussionspapiere 1855 / 2020

Border Carbon Adjustments and Alternative Measures for the EU ETS: An Evaluation

As part of its Green Deal, the European Commission is considering the introduction of border carbon adjustments and alternative measures. The measures, which would primarily apply to basic materials like steel and cement, pursue a double objective: they are aimed at enhancing the effectiveness of carbon pricing for the transition to climate neutrality but also at avoiding carbon leakage risks. When ...

2020| Roland Ismer, Karsten Neuhoff, Alice Pirlot

Weather-Related Disasters, Rural Livelihoods and Off-Farm Self-Employment: Three Essays in Development Microeconomics

Der Klimawandel ist eine globale Herausforderung, aber seine Auswirkungen sind besonders stark in Entwicklungsländern zu spüren. So erleiden arme Menschen deutlich höhere Verluste, weil sie Extremereignissen stärker ausgesetzt sind und weniger Ressourcen für Anpassung und Schockbewältigung haben. Trotz der weitreichenden Auswirkungen des Klimawandels auf Haushalte in Entwicklungsländern ist die aktuelle ...

Berlin: Humboldt-Univ., 2020, 183 S. | Katharina Lehmann-Uschner
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Great Green Transition and Finance

European governments are struggling to regain economic strength in the coronavirus pandemic as in many countries the number of new infections seems to gradually subside. Growth rates deep in the red call for a reconstruction programme when the crisis is finally manageable and economic activity can resume. Amidst this, there are again infl uential groups that claim “this is not the time to insist on strict ...

In: Intereconomics 55 (2020), 3, S. 181-186 | Claudia Kemfert, Dorothea Schäfer, Willi Semmler
Nachrichten [Klimapolitik]

Master Thesis at DIW Berlin's Climate Policy Department

18.02.2020| Nils May, Franziska Schütze
Berlin Seminar on Energy and Climate Policy

Virtual Seminar: The international politics of carbon pricing and deep decarbonization

With the Green Deal, the EU aims not only at climate neutrality by 2050, but also to stimulate economic recovery in light of the pandemic. The European Commission is currently revisiting its climate policy instruments in order to strengthen the economics of climate friendly activities and investments. A central part of the debate is the European Emission Trading System and a proposed Carbon Border...

25.11.2020| David G Victor, Arunabha Ghosh, Danny Cullenward, Ingrid Nestle
Diskussionspapiere 1916 / 2020

Pipes, Taps and Vendors: An Integrated Water Management Approach

This paper applies a microeconomic-based stylized model to identify the optimal modal split of water supply infrastructure in regions of the Global South against the background of the Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) No. 6. We assume a linear city, with some plausible assumptions on income and willingness-to-pay, and then calculate the optimal tap density, leading in turn to an optimal modal split ...

2020| Georg Meran, Markus Siehlow, Christian von Hirschhausen
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Frequency and Duration of Low-Wind-Power Events in Germany

In the transition to a renewable energy system, the occurrence of low-wind-power events receives increasing attention. We analyze the frequency and duration of such events for onshore wind power in Germany, based on 40 years of reanalysis data and open software. We find that low-wind-power events are less frequent in winter than in summer, but the maximum duration is distributed more evenly between ...

In: Environmental Research Letters 15 (2020), 8, 084045, 13 S. | Nils Ohlendorf, Wolf-Peter Schill

New report published: Investments in Climate Friendly Materials to Strengthen the Recovery Package

Supporting investments in climate friendly production and recycling of materials as part of the European and national Covid-19 recovery packages can both achieve the short term objective of effective recovery spending for boosting the economy and creating jobs as well as deliver climate and long-term economic benefits. In order to realize the full economic and climate benefits of investment support, ...

25.06.2020| Olga Chiappinelli
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Flexible Electricity Use for Heating in Markets with Renewable Energy

Using electricity for heating can contribute to decarbonization and provide flexibility to integrate variable re-newable energy. We analyze the case of electric storage heaters in German 2030 scenarios with an open-sourceelectricity sector model. We find that flexible electric heaters generally increase the use of generation tech-nologies with low variable costs, which are not necessarily renewables. ...

In: Applied Energy 266 (2020), 114571, 18 S. | Wolf-PeterSchill, AlexanderZerrahn

New Report from Climate Friendly Materials Plattform has been published: Carbon Contracts for Difference. An assessment of selected socio-economic impacts for Germany

This report offers insights to support key German stakeholders on the implementation of an innovative and promising policy instrument for the decarbonization of the basic materials sectors: project-based Carbon Contracts for Difference (CCfDs). It analyses selected socio-economic impacts of introducing this policy instrument in Germany. The reports accounts for the perspective of all relevant groups ...

15.04.2021| Olga Chiappinelli
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