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  • SOEPpapers 1174 / 2022

    Exposure to Past Immigration Waves and Attitudes toward Newcomers

    How does previous exposure to massive immigrant inflows affect concerns about current immigration and the integration of refugees? To answer this question, we investigate attitudes toward newcomers among natives and previous immigrants. In areas that in the 1990s received higher inflows of immigrants of German origin—so-called ethnic Germans—native Germans are more likely to believe that refugees are ...

    2022| Rania Gihleb, Osea Giuntella, Luca Stella
  • DIW Weekly Report 13 / 2022

    Low Emission Zones Improve Air Quality and Health but Temporarily Decrease Life Satisfaction

    Air pollution results in high economic costs arising from its negative impacts on human health, especially in urban areas. Driving restriction policies such as low emission zones (LEZs) are designed to improve air quality. Indeed, empirical analyses in this Weekly Report confirm that LEZs reduce traffic-related air pollution. However, the analyses also reveal unintended adverse effects on secondary ...

    2022| Luis Sarmiento, Nicole Wägner, Aleksandar Zaklan
  • Externe referierte Aufsätze

    On the Difficulties to Calculate Infrastructure Charges for Heavy Goods Vehicles: A Review of 15 Years’ Experience in Germany

    This paper analyses the calculation principles used for determining the level and differentiation ofHGV charges in Germany. It demonstrates that calculating average cost-based charges is far fromstraightforward, even with an agreed methodology, and involves sensitive methodological choices.Based on a review of available studies, the paper argues that estimating marginal costs does notnecessarily involve ...

    In: Journal of Transport Economics and Policy 55 (2021), 2, S. 141–162 | Heike Link
  • Externe referierte Aufsätze

    Cost Efficiency and Endogenous Regulatory Choices: Evidence from the Transport Industry in France

    We study the impact of different regulatory designs on the cost efficiency of operators providing a public service, exploiting data from the French transport industry. The distinctive feature of the study is that it considers regulatory regimes as endogenously determined choices, explained by economic, political, and institutional variables. Our approach leans on a positive analysis to study the determinants ...

    In: Journal of Regulatory Economics 59 (2021), S. 25-46 | Joanna Piechucka
  • DIW Weekly Report 39 / 2021

    Only Strict Coronavirus Regulations for Vacationers Affect Passenger Air Traffic between Germany and Mallorca

    Mallorca is the most popular foreign travel destination for German tourists, with almost five million flying to the Balearic island every year. However, the coronavirus pandemic brought passenger air traffic to a virtual standstill in March 2020. Flights to Mallorca resumed in June 2020, but the seat offerings were only between ten and 86 percent of the 2019 level depending on the week. This Weekly ...

    2021| Albert Banal Estañol, Wolfgang Grimme, Sven Maertens, Jo Seldeslachts, Christina Stadler
  • Infographic

    Entry bans and quarantine regulations had a significant impact on air travel

  • Externe referierte Aufsätze

    Acceptance of Criteria for Health and Driver Scoring in the General Public in Germany

    Numerous health insurers offer bonus programmes that score customers’ health behaviour, and car insurers offer telematics tariffs that score driving behaviour. In many countries, however, only a minority of customers participate in these programmes. In a population-representative survey of private households in Germany (N = 2,215), we study the acceptance of the criteria (features) on which the scoring ...

    In: PloS one 16 (2021), 4, e0250224, 14 S. | Felix G. Rebitschek, Gerd Gigerenzer, Ariane Keitel, Sarah Sommer, Christian Groß, Gert G. Wagner
  • Externe referierte Aufsätze

    Public Good Provision and Local Employment: Evidence from Grammar School Closures in East Germany

    This paper assesses the impact of public good provision on the spatial distribution of employment as predicted by a local labor market model that allows for commuting. Using local grammar school closures in East Germany after 2000 in a difference-in-differences estimation framework coupled with an entropy balancing strategy, we find that the school closures triggered a decline in the number of (employed) ...

    In: Regional Science & Urban Economics 88 (2021), 103672, 18 S. | Ronny Freier, Martin Simmler, Christian Wittrock
  • Audio

    Harte Restriktionen scheinen die wirksamste Maßnahme zu sein, um in einer Pandemie den Flugverkehr zu beschränken: Interview with Jo Seldeslachts

    29.09.2021| Wochenberichtsinterview
  • Weitere externe Aufsätze

    Estimating the Capital Stock of Transport Infrastructure

    In: Roger Vickerman (Ed.) , International Encyclopedia of Transportation
    Amsterdam: Elsevier
    S. 449-456
    | Heike Link
209 results, from 1