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  • Refereed essays Web of Science

    Shlomo Yitzhaki (1944–2023): In Memoriam

    In: The Review of Income and Wealth 69 (2023), 3, S. 801-805 | Carsten Schröder, Jacques Silber
  • Weitere externe Aufsätze

    Inequality and Its Drivers in Germany, 1840-1914

    In: Ulrich Pfister, Nikolaus Wolf (Eds.) , An Economic History of the First German Unification : State Formation and Economic Development in a European Perspective
    Abingdon : Routledge
    S. 236-254
    Routledge Explorations in Economic History
    | Thilo N.H. Albers, Charlotte Bartels
  • Externe Monographien

    Entkoppelte Lebenswelten? Soziale Beziehungen und gesellschaftlicher Zusammenhalt in Deutschland - Erster Zusammenhaltsbericht des FGZ: Erster Zusammenhaltsbericht des FGZ

    Mit dem vorliegenden Bericht eröffnen wir unsere Reihe der Zusammenhaltsberichte desFGZ. Die Zusammenhaltsberichte sollen auf der Grundlage der im FGZ erhobenen Dateneine interessierte Öffentlichkeit über zentrale Befunde und Analysen zum gesellschaftlichenZusammenhalt in Deutschland informieren. Mit dem Fokus auf Datenerhebungen ergänzendie am Forschungsdatenzentrum des FGZ (FDZ-FGZ) koordinierten ...

    Bremen: SOCIUM, Forschungsinstitut Gesellschaftlicher Zusammenhalt, 2023, 131 S. | Nils Teichler, Jean-Yves Gerlitz, Carina Cornesse, Clara Dilger, Olaf Groh-Samberg, Holger Lengfeld, Eric Nissen, Jost Reinecke, Stephan Skolarski, Richard Traunmüller, Lena Verneuer-Emre
  • DIW Weekly Report 21 / 2023

    Strong Support for a Universal Basic Income, in Particular among Those Who Would Benefit

    A representative survey from August 2022 confirms public support for a universal basic income (UBI): Between 45 and 55 percent of respondents are in favor of a universal basic income and the unconditional financial security it promises. Two representative surveys from August 2022 investigate who exactly UBI supporters are and which UBI model they prefer. The surveys show that younger people in particular ...

    2023| Marius R. Busemeyer, Adrian Rinscheid, Jürgen Schupp
  • Video

    Livestream: Social Mobility as a Key to Success for Economic Transformation and Reform

    Social mobility and equal opportunity are key to thriving societies and economies. In the aftermath of the pandemic and in the context of increasing prices, calls for policymakers to address social and economic inequalities are intensifying. The recently launched Observatory on Social Mobility and Equal Opportunity not only brings together all OECD data points, but also displays the impact of...

  • Diskussionspapiere 2034 / 2023

    The Role of Carbon Pricing in Promoting Material Recycling: A Model of Multi-Market Interactions

    Recycling of raw material can make a significant contribution to achieving climate neutrality by 2050. Carbon pricing can encourage material recycling by making it more competitive with waste incineration and primary material production. However, accounting for the interactions among different markets in a theoretical model, this paper finds that carbon pricing on material manufacturing alone does ...

    2023| Xi Sun
  • Externe Monographien

    Basic Income - From Vision to Creeping Transformation of the Welfare State

    Wiesbaden: Springer VS, 2023, XIV, 275 S. | Rolf G. Heinze, Jürgen Schupp
  • Research Project

    WEALTHTRAJECT: Understanding Trajectories of Wealth Accumulation and Their Variability

    As part of the ERC Consolidator Grant WEALTHTRAJECT, SOEP Senior Research Fellow Philipp Lersch will break new ground in wealth research over the next five years, and further expand the range of high quality data collection by SOEP. WEALTHTRAJECT is the first project to comprehensively and systematically investigate diversity in long-term wealth trajectories within and between social groups. The...

    Current Project| German Socio-Economic Panel study
  • Refereed essays Web of Science

    Change in Personal Culture over the Life Course

    Prior literature finds stability in personal culture, such as attitudes and values, in individuals’ life courses using short-running panel data. This work has concluded that lasting change in personal culture is rare after formative early years. This conclusion conflicts with a growing body of evidence for changes in personal culture after significant life course transitions, drawing on long-running ...

    In: American Sociological Review 88 (2023), 2, S. 220–251 | Philipp M. Lersch
  • Diskussionspapiere 2066 / 2023

    Routes to the Top

    Who makes it to the top? We use the leading, socio-economic survey in Germany supplemented by extensive data on the rich to answer this question. We identify the key predictors for belonging to the top 1 percent of income, wealth, and both distributions jointly. Although we consider many, only a few traits matter: Entrepreneurship and self-employment in conjunction with a sizable inheritance of company ...

    2023| Johannes König, Christian Schluter, Carsten Schröder
1168 results, from 1