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  • Personnel news

    Best Conference Paper Award 2024 for Robin Sogalla

    Robin Sogalla, Ph.D. Student of the Firms and Markets Department, received the Best Conference Paper Award 2024 at the 16th FIW Research Conference 'International Economics' in Vienna for his paper "Unilateral Climate Policy and Heterogeneous Firms". The award is worth 1,000 euros. Congratulations!

  • Personnel news

    Alexander Roth has successfully defended his dissertation

    Alexander Roth, who works at the Energy, Transportation, Environment department, has successfully defended his dissertation at Technische Universität Berlin. The dissertation with the title "Five essays in energy economics - Numerical and empirical perspectives on the decarbonization of the energy sector" was supervised by Prof. Dr. Christian von Hirschhausen. We congratulate Alexander on his success ...

  • Press Release

    Former DIW Berlin President Gert G. Wagner has Passed Away

    Gert G. Wagner passed away suddenly and unexpectedly on January 28, 2024, at the age of 71. He led the Socio-Economic Panel (SOEP) at the German Institute for Economic Research (DIW Berlin) for many years and later served as the Chairman of the Executive Board (President) of DIW Berlin. “DIW Berlin owes a great deal to Gert G. Wagner. For over 30 years, he made irreplaceable contributions to the development ...

  • Nachrichten

    Application Portal for the GC PhD Program 2024 Is Open

    Start of the next application period for our PhD programm (cohort starting in 2024) began on November 13, 2023. The deadline is February 11, 2024. We look forward to your application! Apply here!

    16.01.2024| Daniela Centemero
  • Personnel news

    Shan Huang has successfully defefended her dissertation

    Shan Huang has successfully defended her dissertation at the University of Copenhagen. The dissertation with the title "Essays on the economics of health care provision" was supervised by Professor Dr. Hannes Ullrich (DIW Berlin and University of Copenhagen). Shan was a PhD student at the Firms and Markets Department and GC class of 2017. We congratulate her on her success and wish her all the best ...

  • Personnel news

    Boryana Ilieva has successfully defended her dissertation

    Boryana Ilieva, who worked at the Public Economics department, has successfully defended her dissertation at Humboldt University of Berlin. The dissertation with the title "Essays on Labor Economics, Dynamic Decision Making and the Role of Gender" was supervised by Prof. Georg Weizsäcker, Ph. D. and Prof. Dr. Peter Haan. We congratulate Boryana on her success and wish her all the best for her future ...

  • Graduate Center Masterclasses

    Heterogeneous Agent Macroeconomics: Methods and Applications

    The course provides participants with the tools to develop and analyze business cycle models with heterogenous agents. This class of models has become the new standard in the business cycle literature and allows to analyze the interaction of the business cycle and the distribution of consumption, income, and wealth. The focus of the course is on numerical methods. Coding exercises in class are an...

    12.07.2023| Ralph Lütticke
  • Graduate Center Short Course

    Transition and Duration Models

    Objectives Students will study models of transitions and durations, and learn how to estimate these using realworld data.   Outline This course is an introduction to modelling transitions into a state of interest (such as the transition into employment from unemployment) and durations (such as unemployment, survival of patients after medical treatment or firms after a financial crash). We...

    30.10.2023| Christian Schluter
  • Graduate Center Masterclasses

    Electricity Market Design

    The course in a tweet. This is an advanced course on electricity markets: forward, spot, balancing and retail. It is a course at the intersection of energy, economics and finance that focuses on public policy and regulation: how should power markets be designed with security of supply and social welfare in mind? The significance of electricity markets & trading. Electricity markets and the...

    22.01.2024| Lion Hirth
  • Graduate Center Masterclasses

    Empirical Methods for Business-Cycle Analysis

    This course aims to bring participants to the research frontier on how to estimate the causal effects of macroeconomic shocks, with a particular focus on monetary and fiscal policy. We will discuss how to: plausibly identify those shocks; best estimate their causal effects in finite samples; and finally use those shock causal effects for macroeconomic policy evaluation. The analysis throughout...

    13.05.2024| Christian Wolf
153 results, from 1