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  • Research Project

    Evaluation support study on the EU rules on State aid for access to finance for SMEs

    As part of the evaluation process of the current State aid rules, the European Commission has awarded to the consortium of Lear, DIW Berlin, and Sheppard Mullin, a specific contract to carry out a study of the EU rules for State aid facilitating access to finance for Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs). These rules comprise the Guidelines on State aid to promote risk finance investments (RFG) and...

    Completed Project| Firms and Markets
  • Event

    5th BCCP Forum

    Leibniz ScienceCampusBerlin Centre for Consumer Policies (BCCP) Forum The Forum will bring together all BCCP fellows in law and economics who are engaged in the activities of the science campus. We will have the opportunity to learn about each other’s research during short presentations by the different partner institutions followed by open discussion. The objective of the meeting is to...

  • Research Project

    Retrospective evaluation support study: the Guidelines on Regional State Aid for 2014-2020

    In January 2019, the European Commission (“Commission”) launched the evaluation of its State aid rules that were adopted as part of the State aid Modernisation. The evaluation aims to verify if the rules delivered the desired results to European citizens and businesses at a minimum cost and if they are still fit for purpose. Within this process, the Commission entrusted a consortium of...

    Completed Project| Firms and Markets
  • Research Project

    Support study for the evaluation of the rules for operating aid under the EU aviation framework applicable as of 2014

    As part of the evaluation process of the current State aid rules, the European Commission has awarded to the consortium of Lear, DIW Berlin, and Sheppard Mullin, a specific contract to carry out a study to support its evaluation of the rules regarding access of airports to operating aid under the EU Aviation Framework applicable as of 2014 (2014 Aviation Guidelines or the Guidelines). The study...

    Completed Project| Firms and Markets
  • Diskussionspapiere 1490 / 2015

    Asymmetric Perceptions of the Economy: Media, Firms, Consumers, and Experts

    This article sheds light on the interaction of media, economic actors, and economic experts. Based on a unique data set of 86,000 news items rated by professional analysts of Media Tenor International and survey data, we first analyze the overall tone of the media, consumers’, firms’, and economic experts’ opinions on the state and outlook of the economy. Second, we assess the protagonist’s ability ...

    2015| Konstantin A. Kholodilin, Christian Kolmer, Tobias Thomas, Dirk Ulbricht
  • Research Project

    Leibniz ScienceCampus Berlin Centre for Consumer Policies (BCCP)

    Promoting consumers’ rights, prosperity, and wellbeing are core values of the European Union. A wide array of laws, institutions, and regulations – which can be generally termed as consumer policies – aim at protecting consumers by ensuring adequate and truthful information in the marketplace as well as preventing firms from engaging in unfair and competition-impairing practices....

    Recurring Project| Firms and Markets
  • Other refereed essays

    The Transmission of Oil and Food Prices to Consumer Prices: Evidence for the MENA Countries

    This paper investigates the effects of global oil and food price shocks to consumer prices in Middle East-North African (MENA) countries using threshold cointegration methods. Oil and food price shocks increase domestic prices in the long run, whereby the impact of food prices dominates. While global prices are weakly exogenous, consumer prices respond to deviations from the equilibrium relationship. ...

    In: International Economics and Economic Policy 12 (2015), 1, S. 143-161 | Ansgar Belke, Christian Dreger
  • Externe Monographien

    Intertemporal and Intratemporal Household Consumption Allocation: Empirical Analysis and Policy Reform Simulation Based on German Microdata ; Dissertation

    Diese Dissertation beschäftigt sich mit verschiedenen Fragestellungen, die den Konsum privater Haushalte betreffen. In drei Kapiteln wird sowohl der intertemporale Konsum, als auch die Nachfrage nach bestimmten Gütern empirisch mit Mikrodaten, die Einnahmen und Ausgaben der deutschen Privathaushalte enthalten, analysiert. Die verwendeten Modelle und die Schätzergebnisse sind sowohl für mikro- als auch ...

    Berlin: Freie Univ. Berlin, FB Wirtschaftswiss., 2013, VII, 161 S. | Martin Beznoska
  • Berlin IO Day

    The 2nd Berlin IO Day

    The Berlin IO Day is a one-day workshop sponsored by Berlin's leading academic institutions, including DIW Berlin, ESMT, WZB, Humboldt University Berlin, and Technical University Berlin which takes place twice a year, in the Fall and in the Spring. The aim is to create an international forum for high quality research in Industrial Organization in the heart of Berlin, one of Europe's most vibrant...

  • Externe Monographien

    Understanding Chinese Consumption: The Impact of Hukou

    The Chinese growth miracle was based on exports and investment in recent years. While strong output growth has been maintained even during the financial crisis, the imbalances within the country increased. To return to a more sustainable path of development, policies are directed to improve the role of private consumption. However, the institutional framework is an impediment to the transformation, ...

    Bonn: IZA, 2013, 17 S.
    (Discussion Paper Series / Forschungsinstitut zur Zukunft der Arbeit ; 7819)
    | Christian Dreger, Tongsan Wang, Yanqun Zhang
311 results, from 221