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  • Refereed essays Web of Science

    Productivity in German Manufacturing Firms: Does Fixed-Term Employment Matter?

    This study empirically analyses how the use of fixed-term employment affects labour productivity of establishments. To this end, a large data set of German manufacturing establishments and various panel data models are used in order to test the expected non-linear relationship between labour productivity and the use of fixed-term employees. The analysis takes into account the possible distortions that ...

    In: International Labour Review 155 (2016), 4, S. 535-562 | Sebastian Nielen, Alexander Schiersch
  • SOEPpapers 890 / 2016

    Locus of Control and Investment in Training

    This paper extends standard models of work-related training by explicitly incorporating workers' locus of control into the investment decision. Our model both differentiates between general and specific training and accounts for the role of workers and firms in training decisions. Workers with an internal locus of control are predicted to engage in more general training than are their external co-workers ...

    2016| Marco Caliendo, Deborah A. Cobb-Clark, Helke Seitz, Arne Uhlendorff
  • SOEPpapers 878 / 2016

    Subjective Completion Beliefs and the Demand for Post-Secondary Education

    The outcome of pursuing an upper or post-secondary education degree is uncertain. A student might not complete a chosen degree for a number of reasons, such as insufficient academic preparation or financial constraints. Thus, when considering whether to invest in post-secondary education, students must factor their probability of completing the degree into their decision. We study the role of this ...

    2016| Johannes S. Kunz, Kevin E. Staub
  • DIW Weekly Report 43 / 2019

    Productivity: Urban-Rural Differences Affect Productivity More Than East-West Differences

    Following reunification, productivity in eastern Germany grew rapidly. A strong industrial sector is key to a thriving German economy. However, the narrowing of the industrial productivity gap between eastern and western Germany has come to a standstill since the financial and economic crisis and the gap remains considerable today. Nevertheless, when comparing similar regions in eastern and western ...

    2019| Heike Belitz, Martin Gornig, Alexander Schiersch
  • Research Project


    Completed Project| Entrepreneurship
  • SOEPpapers 1004 / 2018

    The Wider Benefits of Adult Learning: Work-Related Training and Social Capital

    We propose a regression-adjusted matched difference-in-differences framework to estimate non-pecuniary returns to adult education. This approach combines kernel matching with entropy balancing to account for selection bias and sorting on gains. Using data from the German SOEP,we evaluate the effect of work-related training, which represents the largest portion of adult education in OECD countries, ...

    2018| Jens Ruhose, Stephan L. Thomsen, Insa Weilage
  • Research Project

    Inclusive Productivity

    Completed Project| Firms and Markets
  • Research Project

    International Comparison of the Sectoral Knowledge Capital

    Completed Project| Firms and Markets
  • Refereed essays Web of Science

    The Link between R&D, Innovation and Productivity: Are Micro Firms Different?

    In: Research Policy 45 (2016), 6, S. 1263-1274 | Julian Baumann, Alexander S. Kritikos
  • DIW Roundup 95 / 2016

    The Dilemma or Trilemma Debate: Empirical Evidence

    One of the central results in international economics is that an economy cannot have at the same time independent monetary policy, free capital flows, and a fixed exchange rate. Over the last few years, however, this so-called Mundell-Flemming ‘trilemma’ has increasingly been challenged. It is argued that given the rising importance and synchronization of capital and credit flows across countries and ...

    2016| Pablo Anaya, Michael Hachula
261 results, from 61